John Mayer, Continuum

I haven't been posting many lectures lately, mostly because I haven't been lecturing lately. Last Monday and Tuesday, I had tests in both Worldview and New Testament Survey. On Wednesday, I began a Worldview lecture on John Mayer's album, Continuum, but it failed to record. On Thursday, I canceled NT Survey. And Friday was a school holiday of some sort.

Today, however, I got back into the swing of things by finishing my lecture on John Mayer, Continuum. You might think it's a bit weird to be reviewing pop albums in a Worldview class, but it is my conviction that pop culture is where most people interact with worldviews. So…

In this lecture, I outline some thoughts about how to identify worldviews in pop culture, then I talk a little about themes in Continuum, then I talk about three specific songs. I also made remarks about three other songs previously (last Wednesday), but those didn't get recorded.

Download lecture MP3.

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