The Treasure Principle (Matthew 6:19-21)

In Matthew 6:21, Jesus said: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” In this sermon, Pastor George P. Wood talks about the biblical hierarchy of values: Things are good, people are better, God is best. When it comes to money, we should invest according to our values. The Treasure Principle (Matthew 6:19-21): Sunday, April 26, 2009 Continue reading The Treasure Principle (Matthew 6:19-21)

Leadership Beyond Reason by John Townsend

John Townsend, Leadership Beyond Reason: How Great Leaders Succeed by Harnessing the Power of Their Values, Feelings, and Intuition (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2009). $22.99, 179 pages. Leadership is influence. And influence is a rational process. Leaders analyze their situation, strategize a way forward, and incentivize others to move in the right direction. Influence also draws upon nonrational factors, however. Nonrational does not mean irrational. The former is against reason, the latter beyond it. In Leadership Beyond Reason, John Townsend addresses the nonrational side of leadership by looking at values, thinking processes, emotions, relationships, and the experience of transformation. Townsend … Continue reading Leadership Beyond Reason by John Townsend

The Rite by Matt Baglio

Matt Baglio, The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist (New York: Doubleday, 2009). $24.95, 288 pages. What should a modern Christian make of exorcism? New Testament scholars agree that exorcism was a crucial component of Jesus’ ministry. Mark 1:39 summarizes his ministry this way: “So he traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons.” Those same scholars disagree as to the nature of exorcism. Conservatives understand it literally, as the casting out of a demonic spirit. Liberals interpret it metaphorically, as the healing of a mentally ill person. Modern Christians must choose between these two options. … Continue reading The Rite by Matt Baglio

An Exposé and Critique of the Word of Faith Movement

Hank Hanegraaff, Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2009). $23.99, 427 pages. If Hank Hanegraaff is to be believed, one of the most popular movements in American Christianity is not authentically Christian. Rather, it is grossly heretical. Its gospel is variously known as Word of Faith, Positive Confession, Health and Wealth, Prosperity, and Name It and Claim It (or Blab It and Grab it to critics). The gist of its gospel is that God wants you to be healthy and wealthy, that faith is the key to both, and that sick and poor Christians have only themselves … Continue reading An Exposé and Critique of the Word of Faith Movement