Excerpt of ‘Pentecost: This Story Is Our Story’ by Robert P. Menzies

 In a previous post, I reviewed Robert P. Menzies new book, Pentecost: This Story Is Our Story. Enrichment, the journal I edit, has excerpted the book in its most recent issue. Here’s a taste: Pentecostals have always read Acts, and particularly the account of the Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2), as a model for their lives. The stories of Acts are our stories. Pentecostals identify with these stories. This sense of connection with the text encourages us to allow the narrative to shape our lives, our hopes and dreams, and our imagination. We read them with expectation … Continue reading Excerpt of ‘Pentecost: This Story Is Our Story’ by Robert P. Menzies

Review of ‘Pentecost: This Story Is Our Story’ by Robert P. Menzies

 Robert P. Menzies, Pentecost: This Story Is Our Story (Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House, 2013). $14.99, 182 pages. Paperback / Kindle What is Pentecostal Christianity? There are a number of ways to answer that question. As a historian, one could outline the origins and worldwide growth of the movement over the last 100+ years of its existence. As a sociologist, one could analyze the spiritual experiences, forms of life, and social influence of Pentecostals in their various global contexts. Admitting the value of history and sociology, Robert P. Menzies nonetheless answers the question as a theologian, averring that the other … Continue reading Review of ‘Pentecost: This Story Is Our Story’ by Robert P. Menzies

‘The Jesus-Hearted Woman’ by Jodi Detrick

The latest issue of Enrichment contains an excerpt from Jodi Detrick’s new book, The Jesus-Hearted Woman (paperback, Kindle). Here’s the conclusion of the excerpt: Many times while writing about these 10 qualities so crucial to being an enduring and endearing leader, I’ve discovered something that startled my predictable way of thinking, encouraged the deeper places in my heart, or inspired my sagging hopes. There were also times when the bigger revelation was just how Jodi-hearted I am, instead of how Jesus-hearted I should be. Yet, I take heart in this: all these leadership qualities (and infinitely more) are personified in Jesus. Colossians 2:9,10, … Continue reading ‘The Jesus-Hearted Woman’ by Jodi Detrick

Review of ‘Right Turns’ by Dick Hardy

 Dick Hardy, Right Turns: 30 Navigational Decisions Leading Pastors Make in Growing the Church (Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing, 2013). $12.99, 184 pages. Paperback / Kindle Dick Hardy is a personal friend and a pastoral leadership consultant. He has the gift of distilling ministry advice down to its practical essence, a gift that is on full display in Right Turns, his second book. (The first is 27 Tough Questions Pastors Ask.) Right Turns addresses six topics that pastors—especially lead pastors—continually deal with: leadership, volunteer development, guest retention, personal life, staffing, and criticism. Dick has a few words here and there about … Continue reading Review of ‘Right Turns’ by Dick Hardy

‘Against the Wind’ by J. Don George

From the latest issue of Enrichment comes this excerpt of J. Don George’s new book, Against the Wind: Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He didn’t leave the world in its status quo. He stepped out of heaven to make a difference. It cost Him dearly. Are the people in our communities worth the price we have to pay to reach out to them? We must overcome old, suspicious, stiff, self-absorbed, lethargic ways. Many pastors see a few black or Hispanic faces in their congregations on Sunday and assume they are reaching these cultures. They may be doing … Continue reading ‘Against the Wind’ by J. Don George

Review of ‘The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation’ by Hennessy and McConnell

Jonathan Hennessy and Aaron McConnell, The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation (New York: William Morrow, 2013). $15.99, 224 pages. At the outset, I should confess that I am not a reader of graphic novels. Indeed, The Gettysburg Address by Jonathan Hennessy (writer) and Aaron McConnell (artist) is the first one I have ever read from cover to cover, let alone with any enjoyment. I am, however, a lover of all things Lincoln, so in the sesquicentennial of his address, I resolved to purchase and read this graphic novel. A graphic novel has to be reviewed in two parts: the substance … Continue reading Review of ‘The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation’ by Hennessy and McConnell

‘Four Faces of a Leader’ by Bob Rhoden and Dean Merrill

The fall 2013 issue of Enrichment, the quarterly journal I edit, has an excerpt from Bob Rhoden and Dean Merrill’s new book, Four Faces of  Leader. Here are the opening paragraphs: How do you know if you are an effective Christian leader? If you are like most in ministry, you first check attendance. “How many are coming on Sunday morning?” “What’s my percentage of increase compared to last year?” Next, you look at your church’s financial record. “Are all the bills paid? Have we stayed on budget? Will the fiscal year end in the black?” What if I measured myself by standards … Continue reading ‘Four Faces of a Leader’ by Bob Rhoden and Dean Merrill

Robert Madu on Jesus, Grace, and Truth

This week, I’m going to post highlights from the 55th General Council of the Assemblies of God, which met last  week in Orlando, Florida. GC13 kicked off with the Influence Conference, which featured four speakers. The first was Robert Madu. he preached a great message on how Jesus fully, even if paradoxically, combines within  himself the virtues of grace and truth. His texts were John 1:14, 17; and 8:1-11. Continue reading Robert Madu on Jesus, Grace, and Truth

Believing God for Greater Things

The fall 2013 issue of Enrichment is now available online. My opening editorial is below. The founders of the Assemblies of God were audacious people. At the 2nd General Council in 1914, at the Stone Church in Chicago, they committed themselves and the Movement to Him “for the greatest evangelism the world has ever seen.” That was big talk coming from a few hundred people with limited resources, education, and opportunities. Ninety-nine years later, the Assemblies of God worldwide is no longer a few hundred people but approximately 65 million strong. We are part of an uncoordinated revival — uncoordinated by … Continue reading Believing God for Greater Things