Thank You. I’m Sorry. Tell Me More. | Influence Podcast

Rod Wilson believes three short statements have power to change the world: “Thank you!” “I’m sorry!” And “Tell me more!” These statements are ways all people, but especially Christians, can live out the meaning of Jesus’ Great Commandment. 

“How we relate to others flows from our relationship with God. Love is the action. People are the recipients,” Wilson writes. “Expressing ‘Thank you,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ and ‘Tell me more’ to people is putting words to love. I see you. I notice you. We impact each other. For Jesus, loving God but not loving others is the ultimate contradiction,” he concludes.

I’ll be talking to Rod Wilson about these statements in this episode of the Influence Podcast. I’m George P. Wood, executive editor of Influence magazine and your host. 

Rod Wilson has worked as a psychologist, pastor, and college president. He currently works with Lumara Grief and Bereavement Care Society, A Rocha, the Society of Christian Schools in BC, and In Trust Center for Theological Schools, as well as maintaining an international teaching and mentoring ministry. He is author of Thank You. I’m Sorry. Tell Me More.: How to Change the World with 3 Sacred Sayings, recently published by NavPress.

P.S. This podcast is cross-posted from by permission.

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