How to Settle Your Soul After an Unsettling Year | Influence Podcast

This past year was an unsettling one. I like to think of it as the Year of Three Ps: pandemic, protests, and politics. Each one fomented conflict, but taken together, they were a conflict force multiplier. And that doesn’t even taken into account the normal stressors we face every year.

How can followers of Jesus Christ experience settled souls in the midst of unsettling times? That’s the question I’m talking about with Dr. Jodi Detrick in this episode of the Influence Podcast. I’m George P. Wood, executive editor of Influence magazine and your host.

Dr. Detrick is a personal coach, public speaker, and most recently author of The Settled Soul: Tenaciously Abiding with a Tender God, published by Gospel Publishing House. An ordained Assemblies of God minister, she loves to talk to people at the heart level about things that matter most.

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Tuesday’s Influence Online Articles

Today, over at

  • My friend Dick Brogden points to a felt need within the Pentecostal community: “Many of us yearn for greater spiritual depth — perhaps the kind we see or remember in older generations. We don’t often admit it out loud, but there is a longing within us to pray, linger in the presence of Jesus, and live with the gravitas of God. Yet we don’t know how to get there.” His article helps us get there. Take a look!
  • In a sidebar to the article above, Dick talks about the importance of spending “extravagant time with Jesus.”
  • Finally, Doug Clay answers the question, “Can a donor designate a gift to a church member?” The answer is no, but yes. To make sense of that, you’ll need to read the article.

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