Living Reconciled | Book Review

“Tough relationships are inevitable,” writes Brian Noble at the outset of Living Reconciled. This is because sin alienates people both from God and from one another. If we don’t want to experience alienation, then our sin must be dealt with. … Continue reading Living Reconciled | Book Review

Praying Circles Around Your Marriage | Book Review

Some books offer advice about marriage, others about prayer. Praying Circles Around Your Marriage offers advice about both, under the assumption that couples who pray together stay together.“The richness of your marriage will be determined by how frequently and how fervently God is invited into your relationship,” write Joel and Nina Schmidgall. “Prayer will draw you into unity with God and, as a result, with one another.” The concept of “praying circles around _____” comes from Mark Batterson’s excellent book, The Circle Maker. The Schmidgalls are in-laws of Batterson and work with him at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., Joel … Continue reading Praying Circles Around Your Marriage | Book Review