What I’m Reading Today

American Views on Terrorism: 15 Years after 9/11 “When asked how likely they think they would be the victim of a terrorist attack, most Americans believe they are either “not really” (52%) or “not at all likely” (20%) to be victims. However, almost a quarter believe it is “somewhat likely” (23%). This is a relatively large number…” ‘Consensus Statement’ to Force MDs to Kill/Abort With Wesley J. Smith, I’m flabbergasted by a recent bioethicists’ statement that suggests physicians should not be given a conscientious exemption from participating in euthanasia and abortion, where those practices are legal. Massachusetts: Churches may be … Continue reading What I’m Reading Today

Review of ‘The Psalms, ESV’

The Psalms, ESV (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2014). Hardcover The Psalter is the prayerbook of Israel and the Church. Unfortunately, many American evangelicals do not make regular use of it in their personal and corporate worship. Some years ago, I began using it for morning and evening prayer, and I have found my faith in God enriched through the practice. A few months ago, I discovered that Crossway had published The Psalms, using its English Standard Version. The ESV is a good translation, though it is not the translation I use most regularly. Nonetheless, I was impressed with the beauty and … Continue reading Review of ‘The Psalms, ESV’