2021: A Year of Podcasts

In 2021, I recorded 33 episodes of the Influence Podcast with as many interviewees, most of them authors of books. Here’s a complete list of this year’s conversations! If you have authors you’d like me to interview, or topics you’d … Continue reading 2021: A Year of Podcasts

Monday’s Influence Magazine Articles

Today, over at InfluenceMagazine.com: I interview Dr. George O. Wood–aka, “Dad”–about mental health and ministry, which seems appropriate, given that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. David Hertweck draws on the wisdom of Martin Lloyd-Jones and reminds us to let the gospel fill our hearts and minds. In recognition of Screen-Free Week, Christina Quick suggests that families unplug for seven days. Please make sure to follow and like InfluenceInfluence magazine on Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes! Continue reading Monday’s Influence Magazine Articles

#InfluencePodcast with Lee Strobel

Over at InfluenceMagazine.com, I have an episode of the Influence Podcast with Lee Strobel about six strategies for raising the evangelistic temperature of your church. Lee is a New York Times-bestselling author–most famously of The Case for Christ, forthcoming from PureFlix as a movie–and director of the Center for Strategic Evangelism at Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas. Take a listen!     Continue reading #InfluencePodcast with Lee Strobel

Influence Podcast with Warren Bullock

I had the privilege of interviewing Warren Bullock for the latest episode of the Influence Podcast. Dr. Bullock is a friend and author of When Words Hurt: Helping Godly Leaders Respond Wisely to Criticism, which I reviewed here. If you’d like to listen to the podcast, head on over to InfluenceMagazine.com. You can subscribe to the podcast, which drops weekly, over at iTunes. Continue reading Influence Podcast with Warren Bullock