Past Tense | Book Review

Midnight Line, Lee Child’s previous Jack Reacher novel, was a page-turner, but it left me wondering whether Reacher was getting a bit old for all the action Child put him through. I gave it a four-star review, but to be honest, I promised myself I would give Child only one more chance to keep my interest in Reacher. Past Tense kept my interest. The novel has three storylines. One, Reacher finds himself in Laconia, New Hampshire, where his dad was born and raised. The only problem? There’s little trace of Stan Reacher there. Two, while searching for records of his dad, … Continue reading Past Tense | Book Review

[REVISED] Review of ‘Death Comes for the Deconstructionist’ by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor, Death Comes for the Deconstructionist (Eugene, OR: Slant, 2014). Daniel Taylor’s Death Comes for the Deconstructionist is a story about a man, a murder, and a movement. The man is Jon Mote, grad school dropout (all but dissertation), soon-to-be ex-huband and researcher for hire who is asked to look into the death of his former dissertation director, Richard Pratt. The murder victim, Pratt, was a Deconstructionist literarature professor whose luster, once avant-garde, is already becoming passé. The movement is Deconstructionism, which is complex and hard to explain, but for the purposes of this book holds that words point … Continue reading [REVISED] Review of ‘Death Comes for the Deconstructionist’ by Daniel Taylor

Review of ‘City of Bones’ by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly, City of Bones (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 2002). Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle City of Bones is the eighth installment in Michael Connelly’s series of novels featuring Los Angeles homicide detective Harry Bosch. It opens on New Years Day, when Bosch is called to a home in Laurel Canyon. A dog has found a bone, and its owner, a medical doctor, is certain that it’s human. Bosch begins to investigate and unearths the majority of a skeleton. Forensic examination reveals that the body belonged to a young male who had suffered physical abuse throughout his short life. … Continue reading Review of ‘City of Bones’ by Michael Connelly