The Soul of a Team | Book Review

“What separates the truly great teams from the mediocre ones?” asks Tony Dungy in The Soul of a Team. His answer is “four simple yet highly effective principles — selflessness, ownership, unity, and larger purpose.” The principles form a memorable acronym: S.O.U.L. Here’s how Dungy defines the principles: Selflessness: Putting individual needs aside for the good of the team. Ownership: Fulfilling your role by learning it thoroughly and by consistently giving 100 percent. Unity: Understanding and rallying around your team’s mission, philosophy, and culture through open communication and positive conflict resolution. Larger Purpose: Contributing to the wider community in a … Continue reading The Soul of a Team | Book Review

Praying Circles Around Your Marriage | Book Review

Some books offer advice about marriage, others about prayer. Praying Circles Around Your Marriage offers advice about both, under the assumption that couples who pray together stay together.“The richness of your marriage will be determined by how frequently and how fervently God is invited into your relationship,” write Joel and Nina Schmidgall. “Prayer will draw you into unity with God and, as a result, with one another.” The concept of “praying circles around _____” comes from Mark Batterson’s excellent book, The Circle Maker. The Schmidgalls are in-laws of Batterson and work with him at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., Joel … Continue reading Praying Circles Around Your Marriage | Book Review

Six Questions about 1 John

Today we begin a devotional study of 1 John. To introduce this New Testament book, I will answer six questions: Who wrote 1 John? What kind of book is it? When was it written? Where was it written to? Why was it written? And how does it apply to us today? [1] First, who wrote 1 John? Formally speaking, 1 John is anonymous. But internal evidence indicates that the author was an eyewitness of Jesus Christ (1:1, 3; 4:14; 5:6-7). Additionally, the authoritative way he addresses his readers indicates that he was a leader of some standing within the church … Continue reading Six Questions about 1 John