The Mood of Nihilism

Today, in Worldview, I talked about nihilism, which is less a worldview than a mood that is the psychological consequence of naturalism. Once again, my remarks were based on James W. Sire, The Universe Next Door, 4th ed. Download lecture MP3. Continue reading The Mood of Nihilism

True Love Hates (Romans 12.9)

Listen to The Daily Word online.  Love is the foundation of Christianity.   Such love refers, first of all, to God’s love for us. According to Romans 5.8, “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” But that public demonstration bears private fruit. According to Romans 5.5, “God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.” So intense is God’s love for us that, according to Romans 8.39, there is nothing “in all creation, [that] will be able to separate us from … Continue reading True Love Hates (Romans 12.9)

Don’t Call Me Pastor! (Romans 12.4-8)

Listen to The Daily Word online.  When I was born on Thursday, May 8, 1969, my parents named me George Paul Wood. Ever since, they have called me George. My sister calls me George. My wife calls me George. My extended family calls me George. My friends and colleagues call me George. And that’s the way I like. It is, after all, my name. But sometimes, people at church call me Pastor. Listen, if you’re my friend, please don’t call me Pastor.  There are several reasons why I don’t like to be called Pastor. One, it makes me feel old. … Continue reading Don’t Call Me Pastor! (Romans 12.4-8)

Sober Judgment (Romans 12.3)

Listen to The Daily Word online.  Brad Paisley sings a funny sung about alcohol that begins with these words:  I can make anybody pretty. I can make you believe any lie.I can make you pick a fight with somebody twice your size.  Actually, now that I read those lyrics, they’re not so much funny as just plain sad. Drunkenness makes people believe and do really stupid things.  Romans 12.3 doesn’t address the baleful consequences of alcohol consumption. In fact, it doesn’t mention alcohol at all. But it talks about “sober judgment,” and the easiest way to think about sober judgment … Continue reading Sober Judgment (Romans 12.3)

Jesus Camp

I just saw the trailer for the documentary, Jesus Camp. I haven't seen the movie itself, and I don't know whether I will. But after watching the trailer, I felt a tight knot in the pit of my stomach. Look, I'm all for Christian camps. I attended them as a kid. In high school, college, and graduate school, I served as a counselor. They serve many valuable purposes, both recreational and spiritual. I worry, however, about a camp that seems to get kids so riled up emotionally. What's worse is that I'm pretty sure the camp in the documentary comes … Continue reading Jesus Camp