Along with my friend and colleague John Davidson, I host the weekly Influence Podcast. My podcasts typically drop on Monday, John’s on Thursday. Below are my interviews with a variety of Christian leaders. For all episodes, visit InfluenceMagazine.com/Podcast.

Episode 121. Mimi Haddad, “The Case for Biblical Equality”

Episode 120. Rick DuBose, “How God Turns a Mess into a Masterpiece”

Epiosode 119. Doug Clay, “What’s Next for the Assemblies of God?”

Episode 114. Chris Railey and John Davidson, “Why You Should Care About Church Planting”

Episode 113. Todd Wilson, “What the Church Has Always Taught about Sex”

Episode 111. Robyn Wilkerson, “Shattering the Stained Glass Ceiling”

Episode 110. Daniel Im, “Small Changes that Make a Big Difference”

Episode 109. Mark Forrester, “The Church and Social Media”

Episode 108. George O. Wood, “Leaving a Legacy of Influence”

Episode 106. Mel Robeck, “The Azusa Street Revival”

Episode 104. Clay Scroggins, “How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge”

Episode 103. Alan Fadling, “How to Unhurry Your Leadership”

Episode 101. Mike McCrary, “When Ministers Change Jobs”

Episode 100. Chris Railey and John Davidson, “Contemporary Challenges Christian Leaders Face”

Episode 99. Thomas S. Kidd, “Faith and the Founding Fathers”

Episode 97. John Lindell, “A Case for Expository Preaching”

Episode 95. Joy Qualls, “How to Debate Hot Button Issues Well”

Episode 92. Heath Adamson, “3 Outcomes for Youth Ministry”

Episode 91. Jeff Leake, “Why Every Believer Needs to Be Baptized in the Holy Spirit”

Episode 90. Peter Scazzero, “Emotionally Healthy Relationships”

Episode 86. Kristi Northup, “Worship Ministry Pet Peeves”

Episode 84. Tim Muehlhoff, “Winsome Persuasion”

Episode 82. George O. Wood, “Mental Health and Ministry”

Episode 78. Mark Batterson, “The Seven Virtues of Manhood”

Episode 74. Lydia McGrew

Episode 73. Lee Strobel, “Raising Your Church’s Evangelistic Temperature”

Episode 72. Waldemar Kowalski

Episode 71. Glenn Paauw

Episode 70. Dennis Rivera

Episode 69. Hal Donaldson

Episode 68. David Kinnaman

Episode 67. Lee Strobel

Episode 65. Kent Ingle

Episode 60. Craig Blomberg

Episode 59. Heath Adamson

Episode 58. Joe Dallas

Episode 57. Justina Chen

Episode 56. Mike Bonem

Episode 55. Debbie Lindell

Episode 54. Frank Macchia

Episode 53. Mark Batterson

Episode 52. Jerry Walls

Episode 51. Dick Brogden

Episode 50. Tim Hager

Episode 49. Charlie Self

Episode 48. Don Ross

Episode 47. Kara Powell

Episode 46. Kay Burnett

Episode 45. Warren Bullock

Episode 44. Bryan Koch

Episode 43. Rod Loy

Episode 42. Zollie Smith

Episode 41. Chris Railey

Episode 40. Chip Espinoza

Episode 39. Greg Mundis

Episode 38. John Fea

Episode 37. Carolyn Tennant

Episode 36. Wilfredo “Choco” De Jesus

Episode 35. David Kinnaman

Episode 34. Richard Hammar

Episode 33. Doug Clay

Episode 32. Mike Harper

Episode 31. Verlon Fosner

Episode 30. Luke Cawley

Episode 29. Roxanne Stone

Episode 28. Marc Turnage

Episode 27. John Davidson

Episode 26. George O. Wood

Episode 25. Rollie Dimos

Episode 24. Barry Corey

Episode 23. Alton Garrison

Episode 22. Leith Anderson

Episode 21. Jim Bradford

Episode 18. Alicia Britt Chole

Episode 14. Mark Hausfeld

Episode 10. Joe Castleberry

Episode 5. Josh Hawley


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