2019 Podcasts

I host the weekly Influence Podcast. Below are my interviews with a variety of Christian leaders. For all episodes, visit InfluenceMagazine.com/Podcast.

Episode 203. Craig Keener, “The Gospels as Truthful Biographies of Jesus.”

Episode 202. Jeannie Clarkson, “The Emotionally Intelligent Pastor.”

Episode 201. Jerry Ireland, “Evangelism, Compassion, and Mission(s).”

Episode 200. Dr. Mark A. Noll, “The Rise and Fall of ‘Evangelical America.'”

Episode 199. Sandra Morgan, “Sex Trafficking, Pornography, and Domestic Violence.”

Episode 198. Mark DeYmaz, “The Coming Revolution in Church Economics.”

Episode 197. Luke Goodrich, “The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America.”

Episode 196. Mark Batterson, “Blessed to Bless”

Episode 195. Gary Thomas, “When to Walk Away from Toxic People.”

Episode 194. Choco De Jesus, “Meet the Assemblies of God’s New General Treasurer.”

Episode 193. David Kinnaman, “How to Make Disciples in Digital Babylon”

Episode 192. Mark Entzminger, “Make Your Church Safe for Kids”

Episode 191. Rollie Dimos, “The State of AG Ministers’ Personal Finances”

Episode 190. Don Everts, “How to Have Better Spiritual Conversations”

Episode 189. Rick Richardson, “Best Practices of Conversion-Growth Churches”

Episode 188, David Zahl, “The Booming Marketplace of Replacement Religions”

Episode 187, Glenn T. Stanton, “The Myth of the Dying Church”

Episode 186, Donna Barrett, “Leveling the Praying Field”

Episode 185, Hal Donaldson, “Change the World by Starting with Yourself”

Episode 184, Joe Girdler and Carolyn Tennant, “Embracing the Apostolic and the Prophetic With Discernment”

Episode 183, John Lindell, “Why Grace Is More Liberating Than You Believe”

Episode 182, Kadi Cole, “Best Practices for Development Women Leaders”

Episode 181, John F. Plake, “Trends in Bible Engagement”

Episode 180, Rich Wilkerson Sr., “Why Honor Is Key”

Episode 179, Thomas S. Kidd, “Thinking Christianly about American History”

Episode 178. Dave Donaldson and Wendell Vinson, “How the Church Can Serve the City”

Episode 177. Preston Ulmer, “How to Talk to Doubters about Jesus”

Episode 176. Craig Keener, “How to Read Galatians for Preaching and Teaching”

Episode 175. John Coe and Kyle Strobel, “Is Contemplative Spirituality Christian?”

Episode 174. Dean Inserra, “Evangelizing the Unsaved Christian”

Episode 173. Mark Brink, Mark Hausfeld, and Mark Renfroe, “Islam and Christian Mission”

Episode 172. Matt Brown, “Truth + Love = Influence”

Episode 171. Beth Grant, “Pentecostals and Social Injustice”

Episode 170. George O. Wood, “Praying through All the Seasons of Life”

Episode 169. David Kinnaman, “The Challenge of Sharing Faith in America Today”

Episode 168. Jemar Tisby, “The Color of Compromise”

Episode 167. Rick Wadholm Jr., “How to Read the Former Prophets for Preaching”

Episode 166. Rod Loy, “Help! I’m in Charge”

Episode 165. Charlie Chivers, “Is Your Church Disability Friendly?”

Episode 164. Joel and Nina Schmidgall, “The Couple That Prays Together…”

Episode 163. Justin Whitmel Earley, “Eight Purposeful Habits for Spiritually Focused Living”

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