2018 Podcasts

Episode 162. Dr. Don Lichee, “Helping the Hurting During the Holidays”

Episode 161. Dr. Joseph Castleberry, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Episode 160. Rob Ketterling, “Who Owns This Problem–Me, You, or God?”

Episode 159. Ed Stetzer, “Christians in the Age of Outrage”

Episode 158. Phil Steiger and Chad Graham, “How Should Christians Think About Marijuana Legalization?”

Episode 157. Lance Witt, “Leading Healthy, High Performance Teams”

Episode 156. Heath Adamson, “With God in the Valley of the Shadow of Death”

Episode 155. Jerry L. Walls, “Two Dozen (or So) Arguments for God”

Episode 154. Terry A. Smith, “The Hospitable Leader”

Episode 153. Jill Fox, “How to Create a Volunteer-Friendly Culture at Your Church”

Episode 152. Carey Nieuwhof, “How to Overcome Cynicism, Compromise, and Disconnection”

Episode 151. Doug Clay and Greg Mundis, “Why Missions Needs Missionaries”

Episode 150. Geoff Surratt, “Five Tensions Churches Must Manage to Successfully Engage Millennials”

Episode 149. Prof. Michael Zigarelli, “How to Be a Man-Friendly Church”

Episode 148. Chris Sonksen, “Is It Time to Quit Church?”

Episode 147. Brandon J. O’Brien, “Religious Liberty in Pluralist America”

Episode 146. Prof. Alan Noble, “Speaking Truth in a Distracted, Secular Age”

Episode 141. Dr. Stephen Grcevich, “A Mental Health Inclusion Strategy for the Church”

Episode 140. Dr. Jim Bradford, “Perpetuating Pentecost in the Local Church”

Episode 139. Jay Mooney and Johan Mostert, “How Churches Can Support Foster Parents”

Episode 138. Christian Miller, “Closing the Sanctification Gap”

Episode 137. Donna Barrett, “Introducting the Assemblies of God’s New General Secretary”

Episode 136. Brian C. Stiller, “What’s Driving Christianity’s Global Growth?”

Episode 135. Karl Voters, “How to Lead a Small Church”

Episode 133. Lee Strobel, “Do Miracles Really Happen?”

Episode 131. Josh Wellborn, “How to Reach and Retain Youth in Your Church”

Episode 130. Dave Ferguson, “How to Multiply Leaders in Your Church”

Episode 129. Ryan Lokkesmoe, “Leadership Lessons of the Apostle Paul”

Episode 126. David Kinnaman, “Understanding Generation Z”

Episode 125. Matthew D. Kim, “Preaching with Cultural Intelligence”

Episode 123. Walter Harvey, “Pentecostals, Race, Justice and Reconciliation”

Episode 122. Jim Bradford, “Three Dimensions of Prayer”

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