August is a time for vacation, especially for a vacation from presidential politics

I’m taking the month off from blogging about presidential politics. I’ll blog about other stuff that interests me, e.g., reviews of books I’m reading. Other than that, however, I intend to enjoy (or let you enjoy) a month free of presidential politics. Now if we could only get the politicians to shut up for a month… Continue reading August is a time for vacation, especially for a vacation from presidential politics

General Council Resolutions Online @

The 53rd General Council of the Assemblies of God will meet August 3-7, 2009, in Orlando, Florida. In addition to a leadership conference and worship services, the General Council will consider a variety of resolutions in its business sessions. Over at, I’m posting copies of the resolutions up for discussion every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the council begins. Take a look, and add your voice! Continue reading General Council Resolutions Online @

Check Out My New Blog!

Inspired by FutureAG, I have started a new blog, AG Think Tank. Its mission is "to provide online resources and networking opportunities for Assemblies of God leaders that will help renewed pastors leading revived congregations in a reformed denomination more effectively pursue the reconciliation of the world to God." In other words, renewal, revival, and reform leading to reconciliation. Check it out! Continue reading Check Out My New Blog!

Pastors Retreat Network

Debra Young of Pastors Retreat Network asked me to post this message. PRN looks like a pretty good ministry, so I'm more than happy to oblige. The Pastors Retreat Network is a ministry that has energized more than 3,500 pastors nationwide by offering free retreats to both them and their spouses. Their goal is straightforward: to glorify God and build His kingdom by strengthening Christian pastors for better ministry to the people they lead. The United States is currently losing approximately 1,200 small churches and 1,500 pastors each month. One of the reasons is that the work of ministry often takes … Continue reading Pastors Retreat Network