Influence Podcast with Kristi Northup

In today’s Influence Podcast, I interview Kristi Northup about worship ministry pet peeves. Kristi is worship leader of Saints Community Church in New Orleans and a singer-songwriter. Take a listen!


Influence Podcast with Tim Muehlhoff about ‘Winsome Persuasion’

Tim Muehlhoff is professor of Communication Studies at Biola University in La Mirada, California, and coauthor, with Richard C. Langer, of a forthcoming book from IVP Academic: Winsome Persuasion: Christian Influence in a Post-Christian World. It’s a good book, which I’ll review closer to publication date. For now, take a listen to my podcast with him for

#InfluencePodcast with George O. Wood about Mental Health and Ministry

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so to kick off this month’s Influence Podcast episodes, I interviewed Dr. George O. Wood–aka, “Dad”–general superintendent of the Assemblies of God and chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship. He has an interesting personal story to tell about depression, which he also shared in an article for “Crossing a Deep River.” Listen to the podcast, and read the article! Good stuff.

Today’s Influence Magazine Articles

Today at

  • John Davidson interviews Patrick Grach for the Influence Podcast about how existing churches can multiply churches.
  • Stephen Blandino turns to Paul’s Philippian letter for spiritual guidance for leading in the midst of chaos.
  • Christina Quick cites Pew research about how Islam is projected to overtake Christianity as the world’s most populous religion in the latter half of the twenty-first century.

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#InfluencePodcast with Mark Batterson about ‘Play the Man’

My friend Mark Batterson has a forthcoming book: Play the Man: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be. Its release date is May 2, 2017, and its publisher is Baker Books. In this Influence Podcast, I talk to him about the book, about how biblical manhood doesn’t mean women can’t lead, and about how to help raise sons to become good men. Take a listen!

#InfluencePodcast with Lee Strobel

Over at, I have an episode of the Influence Podcast with Lee Strobel about six strategies for raising the evangelistic temperature of your church. Lee is a New York Times-bestselling author–most famously of The Case for Christ, forthcoming from PureFlix as a movie–and director of the Center for Strategic Evangelism at Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas. Take a listen!



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