The Most Interesting Theologians in the World

iffing on the Dos Equis ad, Leadership Journal has produced “The Most Interesting Theologians in the World” series. Hilarious. (H/T: Out of Ur)

mitiw augustine
mitiw aquinas
mitiw luther
mitiw zwingli
mitiw calvin
mitiw edwards
mitiw bonhoeffer

4 Kinds of Fundamentalists

There are four kinds of Fundamentalists:

  1. Those who put the “fun” in “fundamentalist,”
  2. those who put the “duh” in it,
  3. those who put the “mental” in it, and
  4. those who put the “lists” in it.

I’ll let you decide what Fundamentalists fit into which category.

(For my fellow eggheads, here’s a nice overview of what the term Fundamentalist does and does not mean.)

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