Tuesday’s Influence Online Articles

Today, over at InfluenceMagazine.com:

  • Ed Stetzer offers four practical insights about leading for the long term. Ed now writes a monthly column for Influence magazine, by the way.
  • I interview Tim Muehlhoff about his new book Winsome Persuasion (IVP Academic). If you’re trying to figure out how to maximize Christian influence in a post-Christian world, take a listen!
  • Doug Clay answers FAQs about the proper procedure for accepting a vehicle that’s donated to your church.

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Today’s Influence Magazine Articles

Today, over at InfluenceMagazine.com

  • Rollie Dimos reviews Giving It All Away…and Getting It All Back Again, a new book about generosity by David Green and Bill High.
  • Christina Quick summarizes the results of a new Gallup survey that shows churchgoers want Scripture-based, applicable sermons.
  • Doug Clay answers FAQs about properly receipting charitable donations to a church or ministry.

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