Bad Actors | Book Review

Bad Actors begins and ends with beatings, apparently lethal or soon to be so. In between, it’s filled with plots, machinations, and enough back stabbings to impress Julius Caesar. Most of those are perpetrated by members of Her Majesty’s Government … Continue reading Bad Actors | Book Review

The Other Woman | Book Review

When Daniel Silva publishes a new Gabriel Allon novel, I read it as quickly as I can. I get up early to read it, catch a few pages during breaks throughout the day, and stay up late until it’s finished. Some people binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix. I binge-read spy books. And so it was with The Other Woman, the latest installment in Silva’s long-running series. In it, Gabriel Allon, chief of Israel’s Mossad, discovers there’s a mole near the top of a Western intelligence agency. Discovering who the mole is and what agency has been compromised before any … Continue reading The Other Woman | Book Review