Review of ‘X’ by Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton, X (New York: Putnam, 2015). Hardcover | Kindle X is the twenty-fourth installment in Sue Grafton’s long-running Kinsey Millhone mysteries. Set in Santa Teresa, California—a lightly fictionalized Santa Barbara—the novel follows two story lines: Kinsey looking for a client’s long-lost son and trying to close out a late colleague’s still-open case. There’s also a contretemps with her annoying, elderly neighbors. I am a huge fan of this series, having read each of the novels in order, beginning with A Is for Alibi. Patrick Anderson has written, “Grafton’s Millhone books are among the five or six best series any … Continue reading Review of ‘X’ by Sue Grafton

Review of ‘W Is for Wasted’ by Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton, W Is for Wasted (New York: Putnam, 2013). Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle To be honest, I don’t remember how I learned about Sue Grafton’s series of Kinsey Millhone mysteries or when I first read them. I do know this, however: I’ve read them all and loved every one. I typically start and finish a novel within a 24-hour period. For me, any mystery that keeps me turning pages is a good mystery. By that standard, the latest installment in Grafton’s long-running series is a good mystery. In W Is for Wasted, Kinsey learns about two murders: a … Continue reading Review of ‘W Is for Wasted’ by Sue Grafton