105 thoughts on “A Baptism to Remember

  1. That was GREAT!! Thanks for sharing!! I will share it with all my AG friends and my Baptist parents and their friends!!

  2. I loved it!!. I guess he was in a hurry to get baptised and he just didn’t want to wait. Quite an entry. I will share this with all my email friends!!!

  3. That was Awesome!

    At least someone in the church was actually excited about getting baptized. Baptism represents New and Everlasting Life and I think it is something we should be shouting about in church not just the touchdown scored on Saturday.

  4. What a Wonderful, Glorious sight to see! Everyone should be a excited as the person getting baptised in the video.

  5. I remember those days. I was baptised in a Baptist Church but it was actually located in a pond with a moving stream out in Leake County, Ms. I willnever forget it!!!

    Thanks for sending this one.


  6. That has got to be the funniest video I have ever seen. Having had many wonderful baptism experiences and a few I wish the camera had been rolling, this is awesome. I’m so glad God has wired a few individuals to just have fun wherever they go and whatever they do. It sure makes life interesting and funny. The pastor’s response is the best!

  7. Just a few comments:
    1. Did the boy help clean up the mess and did he give any appologies for damaging books and anything on the altar??
    2. Did the parents help clean up the mess?? or did the same regular people do the clean up like normal??
    3. Did the boy or parents offer to help pay for any of the damaged items??
    4. I hope that any of the grown muture adults in this church did not find this behavior acceptable!!!!
    5. His behavior showed a total lack of the following: social skills thought from his parents, selfish act that only was designed to bring attention to himself, i doubt the boy understands anything about being baptised much less a eagerness to splash all and everything in and around the font.
    6. I did and was impressed with the self control the pastor had. I would have not been suprised if from this act really gave this boy a real dunking.

    This is exactly what is wrong with our children today, no respect for authority or for that fact anyone in the church either.

    1. yeah, actually the lack of reaction from the pastor and the fact he watched him do it without any hesitation makes me think the whole thing was planned for AFV. whatever it takes to bring attention to the church, I guess.

  8. In this oh so politically correct world it is nice to hear someone call it as it is!
    I agree with Henry Groce completely!
    Some things are just not right!
    People need respect and a young pup should know its place!
    Would Jesus have done such a thing?

  9. I would have been among those in the audience not laughing. I did not find this video the least bit humorous. The pastor showed great restraint and grace in his response. I would like to know if this boy was chastised appropriately.

  10. I neither found the video humorous or entertaining. It does indeed show a complete lack of respect for the sacrement of baptism. It only reflects on how much our worldly culture has affected our youth.

    The pastor showed great restraint in his public response. I’m certain his private response was appropriate.

  11. Henry, and any who agree with him, you’re out of touch, and your grimace is evident to all. Can’t you find the humor in this clip? Your attitude is a downer! I will agree baptism should be a more reverent activity, but to react the way you did, you sound like a Pharisee. Lighten up, Jesus loves you! 🙂

  12. Henry Groce said it best. This lack of respect by our younger generations has gone on long enough. It’s not the boy who is at fault, but his parents, who failed to teach respect. My hat’s off to the Pastor. He showed great restaint.

  13. this is great! everyone who commented negatively is an old hag pharisee. lol. Lighten up and Live! what joy this kid had!

  14. As I was veiwing the video, it did not appear to me that the boy did this out of malice, but he was caught up in the joy of the moment and forgot his place. I thank God for the pastor’s patience and grace and his humor in the light of what some would find disrespectful. Let us all remember that we are saved by faith through grace. Let us all be joyful that we have one more saint among us, but most of all, let us not forget the joy of being a part of God’s family. Amen.

  15. Baptism is a symbol representation for the world to see what has happened in our heart…we have died to our sins and been raised to walk in a new life with Jesus…it also shows how Christ died, was buried and rose again. If this is a symbol of what happened in the heart of that young fellow–JOY unabashed–praise the Lord! And laugh a little! Happy Christians get to tell WHY they are happy! We call that ‘witnessing’!

  16. I would hazard a guess that our young friend here is probably one of those kids that loves attention and wants to get it wherever he can. I hardly think he jumped in out of malice, but I would bet that in most social situations, he is the awkward child and this was an opportunity (in his eyes) for him to look cooler in front of his peers and make the adults laugh a little. One might guess that this is the child that always brings up unnecessary points of conversation, in order to be noticed, or the one that always runs around the youth room and jumps on furniture, possibly the one that interrupts prayers each day with disrespectful jokes etc. While I’m not saying some of these things are wrong in moderation (it is fun to break the rules every now and then) I would be willing to bet that this kid takes it to the extreme, to the point of annoyance and frustration. I’m not saying the act wasn’t funny, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a continuation of a personality issue. As to whether its his parents fault or his own fault is hard to debate, but I would think his parents are not the type to punish too harshly.

  17. i think that this is GREAT……….the spirit of Christ is joyful and everyone should have as much fun as this child….and as far the comment made by henry groce goes….what a crotchety old man!!!!!!…….he got a BIBLE wet…… last time i checked there were MILLIONS of those in circulation….laughter is the best medicine for all that ails you and im sure GOD was chuckling himself

  18. What a joy to see such enthusiasm at a baptism. And what an absolute joy to see something unexpected happened at church! Christ comes in the unexpected, and often through those enthusiastic ones. Does the boy have a behavior problem? We don’t know. Do his parents have a discipline problem? We don’t know.

    What we as viewers will never know is how seriously the boy has taken his baptism, and if I knew him and his parents, that would be a starting point for a conversation. Maybe his cannonball baptism indicates a rich understanding of the joy found in a new life in Christ. On the other hand, maybe he thinks this holy sacrament is simply an opportunity for attention.

    Taking something “seriously” doesn’t mean we have to be a sourpuss about it. Taking something seriously doesn’t mean being a “downer.” Many of us take a sense of humor very seriously. The thing is, baptism matters: to the church (in particular and universal), to a Christian, and, I believe, to God. May each of viewing this clip take it as an opportunity to remember our baptisms, and embrace a new surge of enthusiasm and joy.

  19. Come on, people. Both extreme sides are wrong. There’s no way he did this out of “pure joy.” He did it to screw around and get a big laugh, and it worked. Kudos to him for having the cajones to do it.

    That said, it’s obviously something his parents should address, but come on, this isn’t a big deal. He’s 12, he probably doesn’t fully understand all that baptism means anyway. I think it was worth it, if for no other reason than the huge laugh it’s provided thousands of people, which we need more of in the church. Pastor and parents should say, “That’s funny, and we love your energy and whatnot, but we do want to emphasize what baptism means and that it’s not just a random church sacrament.” Then encourage him to get baptized again when he’s older or something.

  20. I have mixed emotions as do some of the others. It is not something any of us have witnessed before. I have been a Christian over 36 years now and I have never seen any one dive into a shallow hot tub size water receptical. Not even when we Baptised children in the ocean at Chuch
    Smiths church in Laguna Beach California did anyone dive into the ocean. Dan was Baptised in a pool in someones back yard and not one child dove into the water. If the boy didn’t know what he was doing why was he being Baptised??? 12 year olds boys are not always cutting up!! I have a grandsone who is quite mature and I would not believe he would ever do something like this. We are definitely living in a different generation where children run the show and have not fear of any one or anything. Who prepared this kid for the event anyway? What church was it in?? I guess I don’t get the point. Why did he do it???

  21. The joy of the lord is a wonderful thing for all believers. However a true believer should know the difference between being joyful in the Lord and being plain silly. If he had been my child I would have been mortified at his lack of respect and understanding of such an impotant event as baptism. The scripture encourages us to train up a child in the which he should go, obviously this child needs a little more instuction. GOD IS LOVE

  22. What’s wrong with having a little fun in church? That’s why I refuse to go to the “old-school” churches where half of the congregation is old rickety people that believe you can’t have fun while learning about our Saviour. If you want to get a kid mentally, emotionally, and spiritually involved in his church and his community, you have to allow it to be fun.

    You’re just seeing one clip. What if he’s a perfectly respectable young man every other day at church? You don’t know and how dare you judge!!

  23. I have worked with the children in my church for several years now and I know that kids do not always behave as the leaders and parents would like. I do not hunt some one to blame when it happens as they are kids and they do that sometimes. After viewing this video clip, I do seriously question whether or not this young man was ready to be baptised. Has he never viewed a baptism service before? Did he not understand the holy sanctity of the act? Looks like they might need to try again later is they want it to really be a life changing event in his life. I was also surprised to see it on Americas Funniest Videos. I guess it is all about the money.

  24. If God doesn’t have a sense of humor then why did He create us with those emotions? It is true, however, that being baptised is truely a spiritual, reverent and Holy act. When Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist there were no joking around because they were in the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is a time a place for jokes and a time and place to be reverent. This was to be a time of spiritualness with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. This young man should have taken his baptismal serious and kept the joking afterwards. I’m sure God would have waited for the jokes after the young boy made his committment to Him.

  25. The child is in church. What a lot of you are failing to see is that he may not have been raised in a church. His parents may not even be there. Praise God for a child, in church, who feels comfortable enough with his pastor to do such a thing. We have a whole generation of children whose parents drop them off at church, or have them picked up at home. Some parents don’t even get out of bed on Sunday, the kids are getting ready on their own. Maybe the next generation will accompany their children to church.

  26. This was great!

    And some of the crotchety comments from a few of the Christians is one of the biggest reasons that I became a Pagan.

    My Goddess says, “Laugh my children”…Life is too important to be taken seriously!

  27. Since Jesus was known to love children and their innocence, I’m guessing Jesus wouldn’t have had much problem with a child showing excitement. Is there any wonder why kids don’t like church…too much stuffiness. If kids were allowed to show excitement in church (within reason), maybe we wouldn’t have as much trouble getting them into church and staying there.

    Who’s to say Jesus would have been upset…as I recall, the only time he got upset in a temple was when adults were behaving badly.

    By the way, becoming a Pagan because of some badly behaving Christians is like turning in your driver’s license because other drivers are idiots.

  28. It wasn’t just Christian’s behaving badly that made me decide to become a Pagan. It was the whole misogynistic dogma, and the idea of not thinking for myself that many organized religions expect.

    And let’s not even go into the lies that are told in the name of belief. Do you know that MOST of “your” holidays were adopted from Pagan roots? Jesus was not born in December, he was born in lambing time–spring. Why else would shepards be out watching over their flocks? Check out the library for the mythology of Attis. He sacrificed himself for his people a long time before Jesus did. And what do eggs have to do with the Crucifiction?– Nothing, but they are a symbol of Spring from OUR holiday of Spring ruled over by the goddess Eostre. And I could go on. Mine is actually the root religion.

    I also don’t believe that I was born with “sin” that has to be washed away, or that I have to be “reborn.” I came into this world just fine, thank you, and I shouldn’t be expected to pay for the “sin” that some mythical female did at the beginning of time. And her sin? Wanting to know something. You can keep that belief. Paganism expects you to use your brain.

    Melody Tomaszewicz
    Piscataway, NJ

  29. I believe this is Great! However, I do believe that this is a great teachable moment about the importance of baptism. Kids will be kids, regardless. I would much whether see our young Chistian children jumping in a baptism pool, than see them doing things that may cause harm to them spiritually and naturally. Sometimes we can be so serious about somethings and so low in standards concerning other areas when pertaining to the Word of God. I believe that God has a since of humor. He is the one that has made us with such emotions.

  30. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

    Nobody has to answer for this act (right or wrong) except this boy when he gets in front of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    So save your criticisms and judgments for your own presence in front of God.

  31. Ok now I am sure Jesus laughed. Why do some Christians think it is ungodly to laugh. We are to be LIGHTS of the world LAUGH!!!!!!People are watching… This video was GREAT!!! Kids are so great and free to be themselves we adults sure could take a lesson from them!!!

  32. This was amazing! I couldn’t stop laughing for minutes.

    However reading the responses to this has both saddened and agitated me so I believe some correction is in order.

    The child is more valuable then the equipment he could have damaged. His joy is worth more then the egos and self images he shattered. His faith in mercy and grace is worth more than anything he could have possibly destroyed. I have full confidence that when we are judged God will side with this child and not his accusers here.

    You whitewashed tombs with dead mens bones inside, take a look at this child and know the joy Jesus wants you to have. This was not disrespect, this was an expression of comfort and trust in the grace of both God and this boy’s pastor.

    It frightens me that with God’s word at your fingertips you have done a marvelous job of ignoring his heart. Do you not know that unless you obey the entirey of the law you are under a curse? Do you also not know that the righteous shall live by faith? Why then are you so quick to punish one who in your eyes has been disobedient. Are you actually confused into thinking that you yourselves are obedient?

    Btw, nowhere in scripture is it written “thou shall not cannonballeth into thine baptismal pool”, It disgusts me that all this anger is over breaking the pathetic and worthless traditions of men that have nothing to do with God’s law. Not only has this child not broken any of God’s laws, but even if he had your responses are still repulsive.

    I would highly recommend learning the difference between love and the fear of punishment and then taking a look at what you have said.

  33. Oh, the sacred cows are mooing tonight! Yep, the kid was a little over the top but these Pharisees would run that kid out of church so quick it would make your head swim. I’ve seen it over the years, the devil wins and you know what? Souls are lost, and I think the Pharisees that run these souls off get to spend a looooong time with them in a very warm place. Jesus said let the kids come to me! Kids are what the kingdom of Christ is all about, not Pharisees and those baptized in pickle juice!

  34. I agree with you Rose. Laugh, Man, Laugh,… with all the JOY that God has filled us with!!!!
    If I were to follow the actions of most Christians, or Muslems, or Hindus, or Pagens for that matter, I would be foolish. Man will always disappoint. Man will always fail on his own. There was only ONE perfect man. Jesus Christ. He is who gives me all the Joy and Laughter to light the world with.
    I take the sacrement of Baptism very seriously. It was the Best day of my life except for the day I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. But I have a 10 year old son, who I have taught to laugh and love others and be filled with joy, and if he had done this, it would be out of Joy and Fun, nothing to be eternally punished for.
    Lighten up people. My son is well mannered, disciplined as they did in the bible, and I still want him to have fun with God. He isn’t afraid of GOD, he has a relationship with Him, just as God wants. You don’t think God has a sense of humor? Look at the duck billed Platypus! Laugh folks, life on earth is too short not to laugh.

  35. Did anyone consider that he might have been so excited that he might have tripped and fell into the water. It would have made as big a splash as if he had cannonballed. GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN !!! I have worked with alot of children in my profession and I feel that ” Old schoolers” are to critical of out children now a days. I did not see any disrespect in this video and I feel HUMOR is needed on a daily basis, not only at home or work, but EVEN IN CHURCH. I’m sure GOD did not see it as disrespect HIM. The children now a days have so much more on their shoulders, that we did not have when we were their age, that they really do not have very much humor or fun in their lives. Church should be a place to learn and enjoy the gift GOD has given to us. DON’T BE SO CRITICAL OF THE CHILDREN! At least he is in church and there are alot of adults that don’t even go or take their children to church because they feel everyone will critize how they look or dress. Shame on those that are so critical of this event.

  36. I am one of those crotchedy old pharasees I guess. I do believe in humor and love to laugh and have a good time, but I don’t believe this was acceptable behaviour. No, I don’t believe the child should be run out of the church or the parents to be made to feel like bad parents, but the child should be disciplined and maybe he was, I don’t know. I don’t think children should be taught that church is a place for fun and games. There is a time and place for all things. He was not caught up in spiritual excitement he was just trying to be funny and that is not acceptable. I think children ought to be taught to respect the Lord’s house and all the sacraments. I do agree that possibly he wasn’t mature enough to be baptised at that time.

    Thank you

  37. I think Jesus would have laughed. He always said unless you become as a little child…I agree…some of you are Hag Pharisees and need to lighten up! I’ve been subbing in the public school system….go in there a while and see what’s going on with kids and you’ll be less condescending.


  38. That was refreshing! I think Baptism should be a time for celebration. Repenting, being Baptised in “Jesus” name, and being filled with the Holy Ghost, according to the Book of Acts, Chapter 2, verse 38 is definately a life changing experience. I hope everyone experiences it, and I hope everyone is as excited as this little fella when they obey this great commandment. God Bless you all!

  39. His action was that of a child and no more out of place than the adults in the congregation clapping and shouting after the first child was dunked. This was not a child that had not been ‘trained’ by his parents on the proper conduct in public; rather a boy with much enthusiasm for life that I hope he will carry with him all of his time on this earth.

  40. Wow, all of you people have way too much time. Who would make a post that is three paragrpahs long to address this. This was a funny video, who cares. You are all idiots. Get a life.

  41. Hey,

    The boy is a KID! Don’t forget that part of it. I am sure when he gets to be an adult he’ll wish he had done differently just like a LOT of us adults. When we are ALL children we act as a child. Duh.

  42. Wow. The saddest and most incorrect theological concept conveyed in these comments is that one is a Pharisee if he doesn’t approve of someone’s else actions. Phariseeism (Is that a word?) is an attitude of the heart which at the very least feels itself to be superior to others, especially in gray areas. Only God can judge the heart, but to me it looks like those accusing others of being Pharisees are simply projecting what’s in their hearts onto others. Romans 2:1

  43. See,it’s people like you stuffy old farts that make church not fun.Church is a place of celebration and worship.Who cares if the kid was happy?I always hated church when I was a kid because of PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I always hated how everyone was so stuck up and proper.Now I’ve found a church that welcomes difference and loves people.The way Jesus said to do….remember Jesus?The guy that said not to judge?Hey,you know what my parents taught me?If you don’t have something nice to say,THEN DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!I feel so sorry for you people.You, bunch of hipocrites, are the reason our society is in such bad shape today!!Not because some kid is happy about his salvation.Get a life.

  44. That was great, You see se Catholics don’t have those dunking problems, but y’all Baptist might be interested to know that Roman documents of forthy years ago called for the restoration of Baptism by immersion. Many of our church immerse adults coming into the church at the Easter Vigil. Many of our new churches are built with pools and routiniely, after some catechesis of the parents,, many infants are immersed-well not theri heads!If I were building a new church, it certainly be built with a pool near the altar and pulpit. Happy New Year.

    Fr. Tony Curran, St. Brigid, Alpharettta, Ga.

  45. People like Henry Groce and Helen Rogers are exactly the reason I no longer go to church. Stuck up hipocritical stuffy nosed high and mightier than thou….. Christians like you make me tired. Makes me not want to be one or be associated with church. I know Jesus still loves me, and I love Him but you people just need to stay at home and make churches happier places to be.

  46. what a wonderful experience to have all your sins washed away by the BLOOD OF CHRIST THROUGH BAPTISIM

  47. Amen, Amen To David Hirschhorn and Kathy from January 4th!!! God’s got a wonderful sense of humor! How do I know? Look in the mirror!!!!
    Why should the world have all the fun and laughter while Churches are nothing more than houses which preach “God’s gonna getcha for that!!!”? I’m sick of that narrow minded crowd!!!I know folks in the Baptist Church who will attend a dead dried up church because Grandma’s out there in the cemetary…bless God She’d leave too if she could. These old moss backed, serious, quite, non smiling warty nosed hypocrits, are gonna be surprised when they cross over and hear people shouting their praises to the LAMB!!! I’m a fallen preacher, I commited adultery and left the ministry…but God has forgiven me…even if people haven’t. But this I know…I’m sick and tired of this dead dried up junk where you put everything on a menu and it’s drier than last years birds nest. No wonder people don’t want to go….You do the same old announcements, the deacon prays the same old “lead, guide, and direct us” {help me here: doesn’t lead, guide, and direct kinda mean the same thing???} the choir gets up and sings like a hootowl with post nasal drip, then the preacher preaches while the deacons sleep…THANK GOD FOR A BOY WHO FOUND JOY IN SALVATION!!! Baptism symbolizes the death, burial, and resurection of Jesus…there are many who don’t believe in the resurection..the Sadduces didn’t…that’s why they were sad you see…. LIVE WELL, LAUGH OFTEN, LOVE MUCH!!!

  48. I grew up in a rural ranching community with a Sunday School church.. everyone around that attended was from a different faith. Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran…etc. We all rejoiced in Jesus Christ the Son of God and in the Holy Spirit. Isn’t this what it’s all about? “Let the Children come” The fact is, he decided that he wanted to be saved, and that he let Jesus into his heart, before he jumped, tripped, fell, slipped…
    … lets not criticize for we know not the truth… Only God and the boy knows that. Faith without laughter is not living Gods plan for us.

  49. Thank you for all the people who found humor in this and the Lord knows we will be praying for the ones that didn’t laugh. You should see the goodness in his parents for bringing him to church and not blaming them for his actions. Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you can’t laugh in church. It’s just water it will dry!

  50. Well the replies are as divided as the church can be! Does this show a lack of respect? Maybe. But that’s not up to you to decide. Personally this wouldn’t bother me a bit, but I don’t believe the church is sacred, it’s just a gathering of people who believe the same way, so if the church doesn’t have a problem with it, then it’s not a problem. If your church has a problem with it then it would be a problem there. I don’t see this as a moral issue, more of a social one, I figure God has a sense of humor!

  51. Amen Brad! God does have a sense of humor! He would not have made us laugh if he didn’t see humor. But can’t the nay sayers see? The young boy’s actions were not of malice, not for attention, not for anything but sheer joy in knowing whom Christ is and His importance in life! ALL OUR LIVES! We put too much stock in what we see on television and on the internet. If you are offended, grow up. I’m sure the boy’s parents weren’t laughing, but if the young man was not afraid to share his exuberence, then why should anyone critisize him?

  52. I have two things to say..

    “Let the little children come unto me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” Mark 10:14


    “If any of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone..” John 8:7

  53. Great! He wanted to be doubly sure all of his sins,past prsent and future were washed away! Thanks so much for sharing I will share with others

  54. As I read each comment above, this is why the church is not progressing! It is severely divided! And why? Because everyone has something to say about everything! The Church is not the physical structure we all show up at for service, but the Church is within you! The Bible says that God is love, so it is with love that I address the comments that are out here. Yes Love allows us to have fun as Christians, but it also chastises when it is appropriate. Don’t miss the big picture! It’s not about any of you that have posted your comments! It’s about Christ and his redemptive work at Calvary. It’s about this young man’s heart, and what Christ sees on the inside of him. Too often we address issues as a result of how we were raised in the Church, but again, it’s not about you. It’s obvious that Christ has a lot more work to do in each one of us, because we continue to attack one another. This is no longer about the young man in the video clip, this is now about all of us not being able to love one another. The video clip is just one of many sources that continues to bring our short comings to light. Be blessed, and love someone today! Not because they earned it, but because it has been made freely available to the world.

  55. A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries the bones. Proverbs 17:22 He definitely was not all dried up. I am just glad he was in church, laughing and having fun..that is what being a Christian is all about. Who the Son sets free is free indeed. John 8:36

  56. This was super!!!! Will the “nay sayers” and humorless people please get a life. God has a sense of humor….why else did he give each generation teenagers to deal with. I for one am quite sure Jesus would have laughed right along with the congregation of this happy church.

  57. A lot of you are just being critics. Be thankful that this young boy is in a house of God and not in the streets playing with guns, hanging out with gangs, doing drugs or any other criminal activities, and i do believe that if you were all christians that you would know that it is not your place to put judgement upon others. I believe also that it states somewhere in the bible that the one without sin cast the first stone and no one did cause even the most holy is never without sin. So be careful what you preach(say), or should i say practice what you preach. Remember where your place is, and just what the golden book that God holds before him would say about you. Lighten up and live a little. Love, laugh, live long.

  58. This was the funniest… I wish That I was there… in the BACK ROW, of course! ROFL. Thank God for that Pastor, and Thank God for that young boy. I’m sure no one told him what to do… It DOES look like a swimming pool or jacuzzi! LOL!

  59. I believe this was the Work of the Lord
    and we had better get used to it …!!!
    Maybe we should all take a re-dip
    into the fountain of His liberty.

  60. Well, I laughed not because of what the kid done but at the whole situation, especially the reaction of the Pastor. If you notice he jerks the kid into position. It is obvious he is peeved but he restrains himself.

    If I were his parent I would have most likely been mortified. Some people laugh over shocking situations that are not necessarily funny. I think this is one of those situations.

    Celebrating a new birth should be a joyous occasion but I personally think that is also a holy time and should not be done lightly.

    I don’t think the boy committed a sin but only acted inappropriately.

    That being said, I too am glad that this child is even attending church and pray that this experience is handled wisely and carefully so as not to dampen his exuberance nor turn him off of God with harsh criticism, and that he is corrected and instructed of a more appropriate way in love.

  61. Didn’t Jesus himself say, “Let the little chidren come unto me….” I think we should all RUN to Jesus with the same kind of abandon as this young man did! Keep RUNNING to Jesus son, KEEP RUNNING!

  62. I agree with Sherrie, thank the Lord that this young fellow was at church at all. the fact that he was there to show his “outward sign of his ‘inner faith” is tremendously encouraging to me as a believe of 35yrs. Too often our young people are not interested in attending their parent’s church or being involved in anything but the craziness of TV, Internet games etc, etc, I’ll bet his parents were temporarily embarrassed but happy he was there with them. I would be…read the stuff in Proverbs and get a real perspective on what young me should be doing. Good wholesome fun can be had at church too. The Lord loves a merry heart!! let yours be merry for him too.

  63. Clearly, the pastor is not pleased. I have the utmost respect for his self control in how he responded.
    I don’t go to an “old school” church, but if my child did that, you can be certain he and I would have a serious conversation about the lack of disrespect shown for the covenantal sign of baptism. I’m all for laughing and having fun. Absolutely! But some things are to be treated with respect. Baptism is the sign, the seal of the covenant which identifies us with Christ in his life, death, and resurrection. Doing a cannon ball into the baptismal does not show enthusiasm, but rather immaturity and possibly a lack of understanding of what baptism truly means for the believing Christian. I certainly would not have been one laughing.
    It’s done, yes. It was handled with grace, yes. But it is certainly not acceptable behavior by any means.
    I also don’t buy into the thought some pose here that the boy was excited to be baptised. He seemed more excited to get wet and make a scene than anything else. It’s not judgment. It’s gentle correction given in the most loving way.
    Personally, I’d never want to come across as though I take lightly what Christ did on the cross for my behalf. Never.

  64. Ok…lets speak truth with love! To those who think that the pastor
    was upset…I feel a bit sorry for you!! All of the pastors I’ve had
    would laugh just as this one did. The whole congregation would laugh too!
    I guess I’ve just been lucky enough to be in churchs that, though imperfect, know the joy love and grace of our Lord.
    If the building blew down tomorrow it wouldn’t matter. They’d have worship on the lawn, and a baptism service in the
    pond and a picnic after. At least, they should. God doesn’t care about baptism fonts or carpeting, he cares that we lovingly catch our children in his nets of mercy and salvation. When my husband was saved after getting out of the Navy as a young man, he broke the ice on a NJ pond to get baptised!! I jumped into Long Island sound in March! Get ready! He’s coming soon with more than kids jumping for joy at their salvation…he’s coming with a mighty rushing wind…
    and he’s going to blow the roof right off of most church’s I believe!
    May the Lord be gracious with us all as we say, “yes Lord…teach me more
    about your love! About your mercies…about your lovingkindness and
    tender mercies.” They rebuked the children for ‘bothering’ Jesus…and Jesus corrected them.
    Martha reproved Mary publicly for spending all her time at Jesus feet, and Jesus corrected her and said it was Mary that had chosen the better portion! But we can all change…spend time at His feet, and ask Him who
    He truely is!

  65. Does anyone know where this happened? Does anyone know this kid? Is he a special ed kid with special needs? The judgements in these comments seem to be leveled at a “normal” kid. I can not help but wonder if he really is.

  66. It saddens my heart to hear that the enemy has taken your focus from the joy of the lord to one of bickering and hate. Yes Jesus would have done the same thing because he was not religious. Can we all not sit down and embrace the fact that we have freedom in christ. where is the faith that is as big as a mustard seed? I do not see it here! I pray that your hearts will be soft before the Lord so that he may reveal to you his true character for those who understand him and have a personal relationship and not areligion will have no objection to the clip!!!

  67. Someday this little boy will be a grown-up Christian. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll look back and say something like this: “Yeah, I remember that day! Man! That was so incredibly stupid and disrespectful, but oh what fun! I remember looking out at that shocked, hysterical congregation, and then at my buddies (who’d dared me to do it) doubling over with laughter and I was flying, thinking: how cool it was! But then I remember looking up at my pastor, and his pretended amusement, his controlled disappointment, as he picked up a soggy Bible and tried to redeem the moment. And I began thinking: Was he going to get angry? And thinking: maybe this wasn’t so cool. And yet, I can feel it like it was yesterday, I’ll remember it all my life, his unconditional love and his smile as he firmly yanked me to himself in mock & real aggitation. Oh what a wild, foolish kid I was! But that man covered me. I was a little scared he might just hold me under for a little too long! But after He’d pronounced the words of faith over me, just before he dunked me, he whispered in my ear: ‘Danny, may you always be wild & crazy for Jesus, and jump totally into His will for your life-But in the right way and at the right time.’ And I felt hot tears on my face just before the cool water washed them away. Later, I did apologize to the church. But I’ll never forget how that pastor loved me as I was, and tried to shape my will but not break my spirit. I guess that’s why, even today, I’m the one to loves to jump into adventures and missions and take risks for my Savior. who took my wild heart and made it His.

  68. Dear Beloved in Christ,

    Warm Love and Hearty Greetings to you inthe wonderful Name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    We continue to pray for you and your Ministry. You are most welcome to India as our Beloved conference guest speaker. Amen.

    Thanking you so much,
    Your truly,
    Rev. Polamuri Simon Peter, Pastor

  69. Baptism to me was something people did to show something they had already done to the public, so it wasn’t so sacred, but yet deeply spiritual. Laughing is spiritual, that kid will never forget that, so maybe His mission as accomplished for him. We all have sinned and fallen short of th GLORY of God. Get real people and give the kid a break, hyperactive or not, he was ACTIVE in his faith to confess his decision to follow Christ previously.

  70. Praise God, lets give Him glory for a child that is in the kingdom of God. Who cares what this child was thinking, he obviouslsy understands what baptism is about or I doubt he would have been there to begin with, I am sure his parents and pastor explained it all. What realy matters is his public confession of identifing with Christ, it is not the baptism that sets us free, but the precious BLOOD OF JESUS!!! So if this tape offends you, then mabey, just mabey you should check your heart motive are you in this for the approval of men or are you in this for the sake of the Gospel. It is not our oppinions that sets people free but it is the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ.(Romans 1:16-17) We have enough bondages in church lets not add another. Praise God that he has a pastor that is giving him room to grow and express himself. I cann’t wait to see this mighty man of God in even 5 years and the impact he will have on his generation and already the impact he is having on the generation that has brought him into this world. God forgive us for our judgements. God I do not want to be offended when you return, may I be where you are, may my heart always show the extravigant love that you have shown even to these little ones. And once again Lord my heart is over joyed with the great grace you have shown to me over and over again in my unfaithfulness and in my selfishness and in my disobiedience, what an undeserving person you have kept alive for such a time as this. I love you Lord and I praise your name forever. God bless this young man as he runs the race you have set before him, keep him safe and out of the firery darts of the enemy, and Lord I bind these thoughtless word curses we your people have said, Lord he is yours may we have the strenth and wisdom in raising him up in these last days to effect a generation that is desperate for you. In Jesus Name…AMEN

  71. It seems to me that this was pre-arranged. I don’t think the pastor knew, but I think “someone” put the kid up to it. We did hear the pastor, at the end say, “I can guarantee it will be the last” time… so I imagine there was some talking done afterwards. No harm done and a nice laugh,…. but I didn’t let MY kids watch the video! 😉

  72. henry groce and those who agree with his coments, I love you, but you have alot of growing up to do yourself, It appears that you don’t have any more manners than the child you were complaining about. Are you adults?
    Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom, I would say this young man has the Spirit of the Lord in him and this was an expression of that freedom.
    Since that Spirit of freedom and LOVE was not evident in the comments made, it appears we know just who has the Lord and who does not!

  73. This was a great suprise!!!!!! I my self Loved it !! My family Loved it. life is to short to judge.. Lite in up people, we need this and I sure that it was taken care .

  74. Mark 10:14-15

    Remember Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not recieve the kingdom of God like a CHILD will never enter it.”

    What a picture of a child!!!!! Think about that!!!!

  75. Joy in the Lord? That’s not what I saw. I saw a child drawing attention to himself. The Bible says we are to humble ourselves before the Lord and that when we lift up Jesus, all men will be drawn to Him. How did this honor the Lord? He treated the baptismal as a swimming pool. Why not bring beach balls next? The congregation did show its joy after the first boy’s baptism, with applause and shouts of praise — that’s appropriate, and it makes it obvious this is not some stuffy, dead church (as somewhat implied by a few comments above). I think nearly everyone would’ve snickered a bit, taking the pastor’s lead. But if we observe the pastor, he also asserted control over the situation and indicated it is something that should not be done. The pastor is to be applauded for his dignity.

  76. Wow. The “nay-sayers” crucifying the boy and his parents. The “God-is-fun-sayers” crucifying the “nay-sayers”. And Satan loving every minute of it.

    “They will know we are Christians by our love…” Brothers and sisters, I didn’t see much love in all of the opinions expressed. Thank you for those who offered grace to the boy and his parents. It disturbs me that something like this can stimulate believers to spit poison and venom towards each other so easily.

    Do we as strongly voice our opinions against the evils of our nation? Do we get so offended at scenes in a movie or TV show hat we turn it off or leave the theatre?

    If the boy did wrong, correct him. But don’t crucify him. Please. Remember that mercy triumphs over judgment.


  78. “The Joy of the Lord is our strength” While watching that I was filled with joy in Christ, knowing that spiritually I am always running into the arms of God, seeking Him. This young boy represents our journey as Christians, that we should be that eager to be with God. So eager that we don’t care about what people think, God is the only one we are made to please. We can’t judge that boy’s heart, instead let us allow God to minister to our own.
    1 Corinthians 1:25
    Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

    1 Corinthians 1:27
    But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

  79. WOW! 2 baptisms in the presence of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! ON public television…hip hip horaay! HIS Spirit was sooooo very present and I bet HE even helped clean up the water, and AS HIS grace is sufficient He spoke to the boy’s heart…and it’s none of our business what HE said. BUT
    WOW Laughing in church publicized…Will the lost sheep come home now?
    YES YES & AMEN…some will come home because a boy was serious and because a boy was joyous(you have no idea if he did it for the Lord’s attention or draw attention to self…however GOD WILL use it for HIS OWN GLORY! ALLELUIAH!

  80. What a marvelous way to celebrate his new beginning! I am sure, others will follow, however, the impact will not be the same. He is a leader, and doesn’t the Lord need leaders who arn’t afaird to dare? I loved it!

  81. At our last baptism I made sure there was a plastic duck in the pool. Cheered up the nervous candidate no end!

  82. I am viewing this in two ways….If it was done for laugh, I find it disrespectful to the house of God. The house of God is a very, very sacred place…its where the spirit of God dwells. There is a time for laughter and there is a time for being serious. Of course, God is of love and I’m quite sure He has a sense of humor; but joking in the house of God is very serious matter I dont think God would smile upon it, but find disrespectful. But if it was the fact that the young man was excited about getting baptize (dedicating his life to the good Lord), then I would see it as an innocent move and as one of the responder said…a Wonderful and Glorious site to see…a young child excited about giving his life to Jesus. Nevertheless, the young man was baptized and that is AWESOME!

  83. If that boy had done that at our church he would have been refused baptism until he understood what this sacred act is all about. He would have also been expected to apologize to the church. Shame on the adults in the congregation for laughing.

  84. As a minister, I agree with Dan who said it best back on the 20th of January. READ; MARK 10: 13-17, in verse 17 ONE CAME RUNNING TO JESUS. who knows, maybe his parents don’t even attend church OR this young man could be the first in his family to ever attend church and this could be the beginning of a whole new relationship for his whole family. Everyone needs to pray for his encouragement and his growth in the Lord.

  85. David Eden – you are a gifted writer.

    Your response is not only the best, but very wise. Thank God for people like you.

  86. GET OVER IT!!!! All you christians are the same, YOU ALL JUDGE!! And I thought it was a great thing he did the moment took over him and PRAISE THE LORD FOR A LITTLE HUMOR!! GET OVER IT!! IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THEN DON’T WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Oh, That we all would rush in head long to follow God’s call in our lives. Unashamed, Free and full of Joy unspeakable. This is refreshing in humor and in lesson to be learned. Christ gave all for all…He had no reservatioons why should we? As my pastor says often…
    “Loving God and Loving People!”

  88. I am so very glad that someone thought enough of this one to send it to Tom Bergerron at AFV. It was a sure winner from the start!……

  89. When I think of all of the things that many of our children are doing these days I have to appreciate the fact that this young man was 1. in church and 2. being baptised. In comparison to the many things many of our children are into today such as drugs, theft and murder it is really quite refreshing to see somthing like this.

    I don’t think that this was done with the intent of disrespect for God, the church, the minister or the congregation at all. It was a “thought of the moment” and did no irrepairable damage.

    At least this young man was baptised in church rather than sentenced to life in a court.

    Put this in perspective with open eyes and it may be easier to see that this simple act probably did more good than harm.

  90. Okay maybe it was an inappropriate thing to do, but come on the boy is a kid. Most kids do stupid things and only realise the significance when they get older, I know I sure have done that.

    Maybe his parents should have given him a talking to afterwards, but come on, to make such a big deal about it makes me realise how people forget what it was like to be a child. Im sure every one of us has done something as stupid as that in our youth, or have we become too old and crotchety to remember…

  91. OK, all of you are off the mark. I happen to know the real story because this pastor is a family member. This young boy was very shy. He and his brother (the one baptized before him) both wanted to get baptized the same day. The boy was a little nervous beforehand, so the pastor tried to loosen him up by saying, “Hey, I double-dog-dare you to do a cannonball into the baptistry”, never thinking he would actually do it. The boy DID do it, and the pastor was delighted in the fact that he was able to get him past his shyness. I agree that the Lord does have a sense of humor, and I know this pastor does too, and it is a good thing!! It in no way takes away from the beauty of the baptism, or the dedication of this young man’s decision.

  92. I confess! I laughed! and then I got thinking about how I would have reacted in that situation. The Pastor made the most of that situation. Baptism is a witness to those present and a reminder to the person being baptized of what happens when a person puts their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. They die to sin, to the old way of life and are raised to new life in Christ. The baptism of water doesn’t save us, Jesus does that.
    This was a great opportunity for everyone in that church to be a witness. The pastor was a witness to God’s love, grace, mercy and sense of humor but he also set the tone for future thrill seekers. If he would have berated the boy, or said something about the parents or just totally lost it just think some would say he should have others would say, where’s he’s sense of humor, others would use to confirm their reason for not going to church. Satan used this to cause people to say christians are all wet, but God turned it around to say I think the kid made a splash.
    When growing up my dad was the pastor and in one service his peg tooth came out. No one knew it but him but he could hear himself whistling so before long he asked everyone to bow their heads to pray while the deacons came up to help him find his tooth. We all laughed and he never found the tooth but he preached anyway. Later, a man who was visiting said that impressed him. He told dad had he not preached he would not have come back but because dad went on he wanted to be part of that church. Who knows who was in the crowd that day and what impression they left with but it could make a big splash in their lives.

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