“The Joy of Policy Manuals” by David P. Gushee

As a senior pastor, I strive to keep a balance between ministry and maintenance. For example, this afternoon, I visited with a family in my church, one of whose members has cancer. In my book, that’s ministry. Last night, however, the chairman pro tempore of my board and I presented an update on our church’s renovation project in an informal congregational meeting. Buildings, salaries, insurance policies, etc. are maintenance issues. Generally speaking, pastors and parishioners prefer ministry over maintenance. What we often fail to see is that maintenance (the "business" side of church) is absolutely crucial if we are to do ministry (the "spiritual" side of church). Part of the business side of church is workplace rules and regulations. Far from hindering ministry, such things make ministry possible. In this vein, check out David P. Gushee’s excellent post, "The Joy of Policy Manuals," on Christianity Today’s website.

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