Saul Friedlander, the Nazis, the Jews, and Pope Pius XII

Over at First Things, William Doino reviews Saul Friedlander’s recently completed two-volume history, Nazi Germany and the Jews. While appreciating and commending Friedlander’s scholarship at a general level, Doino takes sharp exception to Friedlander’s portrait of Pope Pius XII. Against the critical portrait of Pius XII created by Friedlander in his early work, not to mention that of John Cornwell and Daniel Goldhagen, Doino paints a picture of a man who condemned Nazis for their race hatred and who helped Jews escape their clutches. In a day and age in which atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens blast Christian believers for their alleged complicity in atrocities, it is important that the record be set straight–one case at  time if necessary.

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