Ask the Superintendent

Here’s the latest Ask the Superintendent with Rev. Dad…

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:35 What’s Happening at HQ (I get a shout out)
  • 07:01 How Israel Trips Enhanced Dr. Wood’s Preaching
  • 09:18 Criteria for Supporting a Cause/Issue
  • 12:40 Bridging the Gap between the Generations
  • 16:43 How To Rise to the Challenge of Being Relevant and Keeping the Flame of Pentecost Burning
  • 20:31 The AG and Single Ordained Ministers
  • 20:48 Finding the Will of God
  • 24:58 Growth and Development as a Leader
  • 29:21 Impact of Social Network on Leadership
  • 30:00 How to Keep the AG from Being “Institutional”
  • Who Killed Trudy on Monk?
  • 33:20 How Compassion Resolution Changes Structures and Ministries in the AG
  • 34:38 Teaching and Leading People into Spirit Baptism
  • 37:06 How the AG Is Investing in Ministers Who Did Not Go to Bible College
  • 38:40 How AG HQ Helps New Employees Understand AG Organizational Culture
  • 39:10 How the AG Ministers to Pastors Who Have Been Voted Out or Fired
  • 40:25 Unwritten Expectations of Minister’s Spouses
  • 42:40 Advice for Missionaries Having Financial Problems During Recession
  • 43:30 Expectations for Pastors New to the AG
  • 46:36 What Dr. Wood Is Thankful For
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