Ask the Superintendent (March 25, 2010)

This past Thursday, in his monthly online Q&A, my father fielded questions from Assemblies of God ministers about Easter apologetics, dealing publicly with criticism from parishioners, and the controversy over Tony Jones’ recent address to the Society for Pentecostal Studies, among other topics.

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4 thoughts on “Ask the Superintendent (March 25, 2010)

  1. Dr. Wood is a great leader and has demonstrated that once again with his latest stand for Biblical inerrancy. I read Tony Jones’ blog on the matter. It was outrageous how he attempted to malign the AG, Wood, North Central University and the World Pentecostal Fellowship with all kinds of mischaracterizations concocted to make them look like fascists and him like a martyr. It shows you what he is all about. Himself. And trying to equate the acceptance of homosexuality with the acceptance of speaking in tongues was sheer nonsense on Jones’ part. I’m very thankful for the Superintendent’s wisdom and leadership to combat the foolishness of Tony Jones.

    1. I had the opportunity to informally socialize with Tony Jones on several occasions at SPS. I can tell you his attitude wasn’t that at all.

      I agree, the core issue is hermeneutical and the ways in which Scripture is authoritative. But I fundamentally disagree that with the idea “we” read Scripture the same way.

      I think the whole ordeal was quite unfortunate, both for Tony and the AG. I suspect we, the AG, totally got it wrong.

  2. Sam:

    What precisely do you think the AG got wrong? Opposing Tony speaking at SPS or opposing same-sex marriage? Or both? Or something else entirely?


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