4 thoughts on “Aren’t Prayer Meetings Kind of Old Schoo?

  1. That’s a great article. I think it almost unquestionable that the slide into pervasive error in TEC is that since the ’79 BCP came out (I have no idea why since the BCP is so good and orthodox) there are very, very few parishes that hold public prayer daily or even 3 times a week, as was the custom before. Lord knows we need to pray.

  2. One year, I attempted to pray the hours using the Book of Common Prayer. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. And the reason was not because I don’t do well with set prayers. The reason is that the hours are not meant to be prayed alone.

  3. Absolutely. I pray it by myself mostly because of the reality that there are hardly any churches that do it. Usually a parish might do one morning prayer w/ Eucharist on Wednesday but that isn’t really the “rule of prayer” set down in the BCP. Public prayer and public Scripture reading are both so huge for the health and vitality of a denomination.

    Do you know of any devotional resources that make more sense for personal use?

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