Candid Conversation with Future AG Bloggers

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I hosted a “candid conversation” between my dad, who is general superintendent of the Assemblies of God, and several young AG ministers. Four years ago, they started, which was controversial at the time. Anyway, I thought the conversation was interesting.

4 thoughts on “Candid Conversation with Future AG Bloggers

  1. I appreciate this video discussion. It’s very helpful to know that Dr. Wood, yourself, and others are dialoguing about methods, practices, and denominationalism within the AoG. I’m also opening dialogue and offering reviews, news, and discernment on similar issues. Please visit to find out more….


  2. I’m wondering if we should have candid conversations about the company’s Chief Operations Officer as well. For someone not elected into this position, he sure seems to be making a lot of decisions on behalf of the fellowship.

    1. Given that the COO reports to the elected executives on all his decisions, it’s not clear why he should have to report to the fellowship too. He’s doing a great job and has the full confidence of the ELT. Mine too.

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