Jonathan Kvanvig: The New Atheist Movement

I attended Prof. Kvanvig’s lecture on atheism at Evangel University last year, but I was unaware that the video had been posted until now. So, here’s the lecture:

By the way, I recently interviewed Prof. Kvanvig about his forthcoming book, Destiny and Deliberation. Here’s the video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By the way, Kvanvig is not pronounced “Kwanvig,” as I say repeatedly in the interview. Both Vs should be pronounced.


One thought on “Jonathan Kvanvig: The New Atheist Movement

  1. I think I now know why our mothers were so concerned about us when we decided to study philosophy. Philosophy trumps biblical theology. What we think or reason or like takes prefernce over what the Bible clearly says. “After that the judgement” no longer means what the author intended but what we hope he might have meant. That cracks open the door for all kinds of possibilities and away we go. We can’t be sure about anything. I can’t even begin to put down in the small place given the questionable theology expoused by Professor Kvanvig.

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