Interview with @PRodLoy about “3 Questions” and Lots of Other Stuff (@Get Influence)

In this video, I interview Pastor Rod Loy about his new book, “3 Questions: A Powerful Grid to Help You Live in the Grace of God.” Well, that was my intention. We actually ended up talking about the book as well as a lot of other topics. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s the timecode on the video, in case you want to skip ahead to a specific question:

  • 00:03 Introduction
  • 01:11 How can a pastor wear a pink shirt?” & other crazy questions pastors are asked.
  • 02:15 How do you protect your super-secret identity as Rocketman?
  • 03:30 What are you doing Christmas Sunday morning? Are you having service? Why or why not?
  • 07:12 What advice do you have on parenting?
  • 10:30 Your book is called 3 Questions. What are the questions? What are they about? And what motivated you to write this book.
  • 16:30 Which of the three questions was most difficult for you?
  • 18:48 At this past General Council, you called the question on Resolution 20 to consolidate the Assemblies of God’s three national schools: AG Theological Seminary, Central Bible College, and Evangel University. Do you feel comfortable having called for the question, or are you worried that there are still unhealed wounds in our Fellowship regarding the GC decision to consolidate the schools?
  • 23:57 How should a pastor use social media?
  • 29:02 What’s on your heart regarding missions? Where do you see AG missions going?
  • 31:17 What’s your biggest concern for the next generation of Christians? Non-Christians?
  • 34:53 With your schedule as a senior pastor, how do you stay connected to the next generation?
  • 36:42 What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the Assemblies of God?
  • 38:43 What kind of book is 3 Questions? A discipleship book? A self-help book?
  • 41:21 What advice do you have for people just starting out in vocational ministry?
  • 42:35 What should I do to get a coach/mentor?
  • 45:15 How doe please God in a people-pleasing culture?
  • 46:55 Where do pastors and church leaders need to be more courageous?
  • 48:33 What’s been your biggest surprise since becoming a senior pastor?
  • 49:46 What’s been your biggest surprise about becoming an executive presbyter?
  • 52:33 Announcement of future interviews

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