Daily Points for the Week of Prayer (January 6-12)


January 6, 2013 kicks off the Week of Prayer across the Assemblies of God Fellowship. You can participate by using the points below to join in prayer with others across the nation each day.

Sunday, January 6:

“If my people…will humble themselves”
We repent of our spiritual indifference and commit to walk humbly before You.

Monday, January 7:

“If my people…will pray”
We commit to daily communion with You through prayer.

Tuesday, January 8:

“If my people…will seek my face”
We seek to experience the nearness and intimacy of Your presence.

Wednesday, January 9:

“If my people…will turn from their wicked ways”
We repent of ungodly influences that we have allowed in our lives.

Thursday, January 10:

“Then I will hear from heaven”
We praise You, O God, for attending to cries of our hearts.

Friday, January 11:

“I will forgive their sin”
We thank You for Your peace that comes with forgiveness.

Saturday, January 12:

“I will heal their land”
Thank you for pouring out Your healing upon Your people!

To help remind you to pray, download the 7:14 Prayer App for iPhone and iPad. (The app for Android is forthcoming.)

2 Chron 7 14And check out 2 Chronicles 7:14: a 28-Day Journey in Prayer by Dr. Jim Bradford.


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