Review of KHOMO Kindle Fire HD 7″ case and detachable keyboard

I received my KHOMO product this morning and immediately tried it out.

It’s well-constructed and nice to look at. It fits my Kindle Fire HD 7″ very well, giving unimpeded access to all buttons and ports, and not blocking the speakers.

At $32.99 + shipping on Amazon, it’s very affordable. In fact, it was cheaper than the rubberized Amazon cover that I bought from Best Buy, which doesn’t come with a keyboard.

I pulled it out of the box and immediately paired it with my Kindle, following the simple instructions included with the cover. It paired easily. The instructions say to charge the keyboard for 3-4 hours before use, but mine had sufficient charge already to start typing right away.

The detachable keyboard, like the cover, is encased in leather (or a leather-like) material. It is very light. The case has a magnet which holds the keyboard in place when the case is closed. The action on the keys is nice. It feels (and sounds) like I’m typing on a real keyboard.

One nice feature of the case is that my Kindle can be positioned in portrait or landscape. Ridges inside the cover hold the Kindle upright in place.

One downside is that the keyboard is small. Based on the picture on the Amazon site, which is taken at an angle, with the keyboard slightly off the end of the cover, I thought the keyboard would be longer. As it is, it’s a bit cramped. also, I have had to relearn which keys to press for certain characters (e.g., the function key for the apostrophe). The size of the keyboard makes it less than ideal for taking extensive notes, as in class or a public lecture. However, for meeting notes, short to mid-length emails, Facebook and Twitter posts, it works just fine.

Overall, then, I am happy with my purchase. Price, design, and utility for meetings and social media make this an attractive product.

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