Time, Talent, Treasure, Talk, and Testimony for the Benefit of Others: A Review of ‘The Greatness Principle’ by Nelson Searcy

The Greatness Principle Searcy, Nelson. 2012. The Greatness Principle: Finding Singificance and Joy by Serving Others. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

“When you bless others, God blesses you.”

That is how Nelson Searcy defines “The Greatness Principle.” At first glance, I worried that he was entering prosperity gospel territory, where our financial generosity becomes a quasi-legal obligation on God’s part to make us rich. But that is not Searcy’s point. Instead, building on Mark 9:33–35 and other New Testament passages, he encourages us to use our time, talent, treasure, talk, and testimony to benefit others.

As we live out this multiform love for neighbors, we begin to experience God’s blessings on us. Those blessings take tangible and intangible forms, and they include greater influence as well as visible miracles. Proverbs 11:25 puts it this way: “those who refresh others will be refreshed.”

The crucial question is this: Do we see both the multiple opportunities to bless others that cross our pass every day and the manifold ways God is in fact blessing us?

The Greatness Principle is short (95 pages), easy to read, and inexpensive ($6.99). Each chapter includes questions, making it desirable for use in personal study or small-group discussion. And if you register at TheGreatnessPrinciple.com, you will receive additional resources to use with the book.

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