Review of Belkin Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit

71kPIUNXJvL._SL1500_I drive a 2003 Honda Element. It has an auxiliary jack for a 3.5 mm plug. Back in the day, this made it possible for me to run a cable from my iPod to my car stereo system. Unfortunately, that’s all the jack could do.

While shopping Amazon for a cable (I lost the one I originally bought), I came across this Belkin product and thought I’d give it a try. It solves several problems at once: (1) I can play songs from my iPhone 6 Plus through my car stereo system using Bluetooth. (2) I can simultaneously recharge my phone using Belkin’s USB lighter jack. (3) I can make hands-free phone calls using the device’s mic, which I have mounted just under my stereo’s left knob.

Setting up the device was simple and quick. Once my iPhone paired with the device, my songs played well, and the quality of my phone calls was also good. To me, the price of this device seemed reasonable, and I am very happy with my purchase.

P.S. My wife is not as happy with this product as I am. She says that the mic makes it sound like I’m in a “black hole” when I call her. For that reason, I’m knocking one star off my review on

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