Review of Vansky Car Mount for Smartphones

  I have a iPhone 6 Plus. When I drive, I use my phone to make phone calls and to get directions from Google Maps. On long drives especially, I like to mount my iPhone on the dashboard so I can see where Google Maps is taking us. The problem is that a dashboard mount exposes the phones to the sun and excessive heat. The Vansky car mount solves the heating problem by mounting the phone to the air conditioning vents. One arm hooks onto the vent and a second arm balances on the bottom of the vent. When I first opened the packaging and felt how light the car mount was, I worried that it wouldn’t be sturdy enough. When I saw how it mounted to the air vents, however, I realized that it was quite sturdy. The top arm can be rotated to fit either vertical or horizontal vents. The phone holder can also be rotated vertically or horizontally, depending on which screen view you want to see. This is an inexpensive and ingenious device that solves a crucial problem for me, namely, using my iPhone safely while I drive.


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