Review of ‘The Reversal’ by Michael Connelly

The-ReversalMichael Connelly, The Reversal: A Lincoln Lawyer Novel (New York: Little Brown, 2009). Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle

When convicted child killer Jason Jessup’s life sentence is overturned by the California Supreme Court, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller is recruited for the retrial of the case. This time, however, he’ll serve as an independent prosecutor trying to put Jessup back behind bars.

Joining Haller are Assistant District Attorney Margaret “Maggie McFierce” McPherson (his ex-wife) and Detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch (his half-brother). Twenty-four years after the killing, they have to track down reluctant witnesses and reconstruct the prosecution’s case in the face of DNA evidence that seems to exonerate Jessup. And they have to do it before Jessup—who’s out on bail—murders again.

There’s no whodunit here. We know who’s guilty. The only mystery is whether Haller, McPherson, and Bosch will be able to convict Jessup…and Michael Connelly keeps you guessing till the very end. Connelly is a great story-teller, and The Reversal is told in two voices. Haller’s story is told in the first person, while Bosch’s and McPherson’s are told in the third person. The chapter-by-chapter switch in point of view keeps readers engrossed and turning pages to see what’s happening next.

“Haller for the People.” It’s got a nice ring to it…


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