Review of ‘Unburdened: The Christian Leader’s Path to Sexual Integrity’ by Michael Todd Wilson

UnburdenedMichael Todd Wilson, Unburdened: The Christian Leader’s Path to Sexual Integrity (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Books, 2015). Paperback

If you are a male Christian leader struggling with sexual temptation, I encourage you to read Unburdened today. It traces a path toward sexual integrity that you can begin to walk immediately. Michael Todd Wilson discusses topics such as

  • Risk factors that men generally and leaders particularly face when it comes to sexual temptation
  • The importance of adopting a grace-based rather than performance-driven approach to sexual integrity
  • Spiritual disciplines that move you toward sexual integrity, including: surrender, radical honesty, non-ministry God time, body maintenance, and intimate relationships

Whether your struggle involves pornography or inappropriate relationships, Unburdened will help you move toward “temptation-resistant transformation.” Not temptation-free transformation, mind you. Temptation remains with us all till Christ perfects us. Even so, resisting sexual temptation can become a new normal.

Wilson includes three appendices: “Sexual Integrity Action Steps” (a checklist for the spiritual disciplines listed above), “Mentoring and Leading Other Men Along the Path,” and “Additional Resources” (both in print and online). This is a welcome book on a topic that affects many, if not most, male Christian leaders.


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