Review of ‘The Wrong Side of Goodbye’ by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly, The Wrong Side of Goodbye: A Bosch Novel (New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2016).

Harry Bosch is back in this just-released novel by Michael Connelly, with an assist from his half-brother Mickey Haller. This time Bosch is a private investigator, as well as an unpaid reserve officer in the San Fernando Police Department. The Wrong Side of Goodbye finds him solving two cases, a serial rapist case for the SFPD and one for a reclusive billionaire seeking a long-lost heir from the wrong side of the tracks.

I pre-ordered this novel in March, got it Tuesday, and read straight through it. The action is not as high-octane as in some of Connelly’s other novels, but it’s a page-turner nonetheless. There’s nothing quite like being grabbed by a plot twist you didn’t see coming.

What I love about Connelly’s novels, especially the Bosch series, are the backstories: Harry’s, obviously, but also Los Angeles’. All of them treat the city itself as a character in the story.

I recommend this book. Heck, I recommend all of Connelly’s novels. They’re police procedurals at their finest.

As soon as Amazon posts Connelly’s next book, I’m preordering it too. The wait is worth it.

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