Moana Fashion Kit | Amazon Review

Making Moana-themed wooden-bangle bracelets with my young daughters is an hour of my life that I will never get back. I’m an older dad–nearly 50, while my girls are 6.5 and 5 years old–and not particularly crafty. But, while my wife was out of town over the weekend, my girls begged me to do this with them. So, I did.

They had a blast! They painted the bangles. It took about an hour for the paint to dry. Then they each picked a sticker. My biggest complaint about this kit is that the sticker edges don’t lay flat on the founded edges of the bangle. Then we strung beads on the hemp cords, which sounds easy, but I finally had to use a pin to push the easily unthreaded hemp through the bead hole. I tied those threaded beads around the bangle. Then we used glue to fasten flowers, jewels, and shells. All these items are included in the kit.

Like I said, it’s an hour that I won’t get back. Then again, the joy in my girls’ eyes and the creativity they displayed as they created their individual bracelets made it more than worthwhile.

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