Debunking Christmas Myths | Influence Podcast

When the Christmas season begins, you can always count on at least one major media company to publish a story debunking the myths of Christmas. The effect, if not the intent, of such stories is to question the historical value … Continue reading Debunking Christmas Myths | Influence Podcast

ESV Archaeology Study Bible | Book Review

The Bible is God’s Word in human words. As God’s Word, it is inspired and inerrant, the final authority for what Christians believe and how they behave. As God’s Word in human words, it reflects the time and place of its original composition. Interpreting Scripture correctly, then, means understanding both its divine message and its human forms. Archaeology is one of several academic disciplines that help us do the latter. The interpretive fruit of archaeological investigation is evident in the recently published ESV Archaeology Study Bible, edited by John D. Currid and David W. Chapman. Notable features include the following: … Continue reading ESV Archaeology Study Bible | Book Review

Today’s Influence Magazine Articles

Today, over at Mark Hausfeld, president of Assemblies of Theological Seminary, explains “Why Hell Matters.” I offer several suggestions about “Preaching Hell.” And Christina Quick points your attention to research that “Archaeology Confirms 53 Bible Characters.” Please make sure to follow and like Influence Influence magazine on Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes! Continue reading Today’s Influence Magazine Articles