My 569th Amazon Review on My 5/69 Birthday

Today is my birthday. By happy coincidence, I have published my 569th review on Amazon—5/69, 569th, get it? For my birthday, could you help me on my #NerdGoal to be Amazon’s #1 Reviewer and like some of the reviews I’ve posted this year? That would be the best present ever! • Hesh Kestin, The Siege of Tel Aviv, • Jeff Wise, The Taking of MH370, • Kadi Cole, Developing Female Leaders, • Robert Louis Wilken, Liberty in the Things of God, • Matt Brown, Truth Plus Love, • John Coe and Kyle Strobel, Embracing Contemplation, … Continue reading My 569th Amazon Review on My 5/69 Birthday

My 14 Favorite Books in 2018

I read many good books in 2018. Here are my 14 favorites, alphabetized by author’s last name. For each, I’ve excerpted a paragraph from my review of the book and provided a link to the full review on Amazon. If you like my review of a particular book (or of all of them), please click “Helpful” on my Amazon review page for it. That will help me to achieve my #NerdGoal of being a Top 100 Reviewer on Amazon. I’m currently ranked 351st. Ryan T. Anderson, When Harry Became Sally (Encounter) Popular culture and political action may have normalized transgender identity, … Continue reading My 14 Favorite Books in 2018

Help Me Become a Top 100 Reviewer on Amazon by My Birthday

As of this morning, I have 500 product reviews on Amazon and am ranked 748th among reviewers. My #NerdGoal is to crack into the top 100 by my 50th birthday next year (May 8, in case you were wondering.) Could you help me by clicking on “Yes” if my reviews were helpful to you? Here are ten recent reviews: Lewis Allen, The Preacher’s Catechism: Jonathan Dunsky, The Dead Girl: Jonathan Dunsky, Ten Years Gone: John Townsend, Leading from Your Gut: Patrick Johnstone, Serving God in a Migrant Crisis: Alan Noble, Disruptive Witness: Chip Heath … Continue reading Help Me Become a Top 100 Reviewer on Amazon by My Birthday