The Last Lie Told | Book Review

Charles Holmes wants a new trial. Five years earlier, he confessed to murdering Nashville music executive Lance Legard. Now, he says indisputable evidence points to the real killer—a member of Legard’s own family. Finley O’Sullivan works as an investigator for … Continue reading The Last Lie Told | Book Review

Nothing to Lose | Book Review

Nothing to Lose is the second book in Victoria Selman’s mystery series featuring Ziba MacKenzie, a freelance criminal profiler who consults with New Scotland Yard. (I reviewed the first book, Blood for Blood, here.) In it, Ziba investigates two crimes: the  recent serial murders of young Persian women who look remarkably like herself and the murder of her husband some two years earlier. The story begins in the third person, with the Saturday interrogation of a suspect. It then moves backward in time three days to Wednesday, when the serial murders started. The plot develops rapidly, and the time frame of … Continue reading Nothing to Lose | Book Review