The Last Lie Told | Book Review

Charles Holmes wants a new trial. Five years earlier, he confessed to murdering Nashville music executive Lance Legard. Now, he says indisputable evidence points to the real killer—a member of Legard’s own family.

Finley O’Sullivan works as an investigator for Jack Finnegan, the defense attorney hired by Legard’s widow, Sophia, and her twin daughters, Cecelia and Olivia. She was a rising assistant district attorney until an emotional breakdown in court ended her career, a breakdown related to the murder of her husband, Derrick, a year earlier.

In The Last Lie Told, Debra Webb weaves these plot lines into an entertaining story. The deeper Finley investigates Holmes’ allegations, the more twisted the Legard family becomes. And as Nashville’s finest continue to chase Derrick’s killer(s), secrets about his past life make Finley question how well she really knew her husband.

I enjoyed this book. The main character is smart and fearless, though she has a dark streak that will get her into trouble. The plot is a page-turner, though a premonition about the twins halfway through the book came true, so the plot reveal there wasn’t as twisty as it should have been. And we don’t get a resolution to the deepening mystery of Derrick’s character.

So, The Last Lie Told will no doubt be the first in a series. I enjoyed this installment, so I look forward to the next one.

Book Reviewed
Debra Webb, The Last Lie Told (Seattle: Thomas & Mercer, 2022).

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