Friday’s Influence Online Articles

Today, over at Chris Railey’s article “How to Have a Winning Attitude” reminds leaders that the way you think and feel can change the way you lead. Just in time for Pentecost Sunday this weekend, Mark Entzminger shares “Three … Continue reading Friday’s Influence Online Articles

Influence Podcast with Jeff Leake

In today’s Influence Podcast, I interview Jeff Leake about why every believer needs to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Jeff is pastor of Allison Park Church, a multisite church near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and author of Power for Life (GPW). Continue reading Influence Podcast with Jeff Leake

Review of ‘A Spirit-Empowered Life’ by Mike Clarensau

This review first appeared at Mike Clarensau, A Spirit-Empowered Life: Discover the World-Changing Journey God Has Designed for You (Springfield, MO: Vital Resources, 2015). This past Sunday—May 15, 2016—was Pentecost. In the Old Testament, Shavuot occurred on the fiftieth day after Passover and celebrated the firstfruits of the harvest. When Jews translated Scripture into Greek, they chose the word Pentecost (“fiftieth”) to translate Shavuot (“weeks”), for obvious reasons. In the New Testament, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit recorded in Acts 2 occurred on the first Pentecost after Jesus’ death (which coincided with Passover), resurrection, and ascension into Heaven. … Continue reading Review of ‘A Spirit-Empowered Life’ by Mike Clarensau