Helping Youth Find Meaning, Identity, and Purpose | Influence Podcast

“Young people are experiencing record loneliness,” notes The State of Religion and Young People 2020, a report from Springtide Research Institute. “They have low levels of trust in most traditional institutions, and they are likely not responding to the efforts … Continue reading Helping Youth Find Meaning, Identity, and Purpose | Influence Podcast

Growing With | Book Review

Kara Powell and Steven Argue begin Growing With by pinpointing the dilemma our kids face in the crucial season between 13 and 29 years of age: “On the one hand, our kids’ sophistication has accelerated and it seems like they are getting older earlier; but on the other hand, they feel less mature as the typical markers of adulthood are now delayed.” In other words, the transition to adulthood begins earlier and lasts longer in this generation than in previous generations. How we parent our children changes as they age. Powell and Argue define “Growing With parenting” as “a mutual journey … Continue reading Growing With | Book Review

Five Resources on Generation Z*

Generation Z is the demographic cohort that follows the millennials. Demographers disagree on the year this generation was born, but common estimates run from as early as 1995 to as late as 2015. Depending on how you count it, Generation Z constitutes nearly 25 percent of the American populace. Every generation presents unique challenges and opportunities for ministry, so understanding the forces that shape each one is a pastoral necessity. The August/September 2016 issue of Influence magazine featured an award-winning cover story about Generation Z by Tim Elmore: “Homelanders: The Next Generation.” I recommend that you start there if you … Continue reading Five Resources on Generation Z*

Understanding Generation Z | Influence Podcast

Over at, I interview David Kinnaman of Barna Group about its new report, Gen Z: The Culture, Beliefs and Motivations Shaping the Next Generation. In my opinion, this is an excellent report for pastors–especially youth and KidMin pastors–and parents who want to understand the water in which their Gen Z kids swim. You can follow Barna Group on Facebook and Twitter. I always find its research to be thought-provoking and helpful. Episode 125 Notes 00:00 Introduction of podcast topic 00:32 MEGA Sports Camp ad copy 01:10 Welcome to David Kinnaman 01:47 Why pastors and other church leaders should pay attention … Continue reading Understanding Generation Z | Influence Podcast