‘Believing God for Unreached People Groups’ by Greg Mundis

201304_104_Unreach_artIn the fall 2013 issue of Enrichment, Greg Mundis writes:

What we believe shapes our priorities and determines how we live.

We believe, as the founders of our Fellowship did, that our Lord commands us to proclaim His gospel and establish His church in all the world. We also believe, as our early leaders did, the Lord’s promise that His Spirit would empower us to accomplish that mission.

Recent statistics reveal that the worldwide Assemblies of God now numbers 65 million. We rejoice in the church growth that has taken place in the last 100 years. Yet we know, as former Assemblies of God World Missions Executive Director Loren Triplett said, “You don’t measure yourself by your success but by the unfinished task.”

More than 4 billion people have not yet had an adequate witness of our Lord’s saving message. The purpose of AGWM is “so all can hear.” We must pay any price to keep fulfilling that purpose.

Read the whole thing here.

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