Slow-Motion Growth in a Fast-Paced World | Influence Podcast

“Ever been in a season of life that seemed to lack forward momentum?” asks Jeffery Portmann “You’re doing everything you can to experience growth, maybe even repeating what’s worked before. But then there’s a moment … where what you expected, hoped, and prayed for just isn’t happening.”

Portmann calls this experience “delayed destiny.” In this episode of the Influence Podcast, I talk to him about delayed destiny using the biblical example of Joseph. We talk about what hinders and what helps in such moments, and we also talk about how God uses those seasons for our benefit. I’m George P. Wood, executive editor of Influence magazine and your host.

Jeffery Portmann is an ordained Assemblies of God minister and director of the Church Multiplication Network, the AG’s church-planting agency. He is author of Delayed Destiny: Embracing Slow-Motion Growth in a Fast-Paced World.


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