Portrait of an Unknown Woman | Book Review

Portrait of an Unknown Woman is the 22nd installment in Daniel Silva’s long-running series of spy novels featuring Gabriel Allon. It is set sometime in the present, taking place after the Capitol riot of January 6, 2021, an event which … Continue reading Portrait of an Unknown Woman | Book Review

The Other Woman | Book Review

When Daniel Silva publishes a new Gabriel Allon novel, I read it as quickly as I can. I get up early to read it, catch a few pages during breaks throughout the day, and stay up late until it’s finished. Some people binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix. I binge-read spy books. And so it was with The Other Woman, the latest installment in Silva’s long-running series. In it, Gabriel Allon, chief of Israel’s Mossad, discovers there’s a mole near the top of a Western intelligence agency. Discovering who the mole is and what agency has been compromised before any … Continue reading The Other Woman | Book Review

Review of ‘The English Spy’ by Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva, The English Spy (New York: Harper, 2015). Hardcover | Kindle When the glamorous ex-wife of the heir to the British throne is murdered, Israeli intelligence reveals to British intelligence that the murderer was Irish terrorist-for-hire Eamon Quinn. Then it offers to put legendary Mossad agent Gabriel Allon on the case, and Allon brings on Christopher Keller—ex-SSA officer turned assassin-for-hire—for good measure. Turns out, Allon and Keller have a personal beef with Quinn, and when it’s personal, things get messy. Daniel Silva’s newest installment in the long-running Gabriel Allon series is fast-paced and full of plot twists. If international … Continue reading Review of ‘The English Spy’ by Daniel Silva