A Praying Church | Book Review

The February 2023 revival at Asbury University aroused anew a hunger for God in the hearts of many Christians. It began when students lingered to pray after a regularly scheduled chapel service. The weeks-long eruption of continuous, student-led prayer and … Continue reading A Praying Church | Book Review

I Choose Honor | Book Review

The dictionary definition of honor is “to regard or treat (someone) with admiration and respect.” In I Choose Honor, Rich Wilkerson starts with this definition but goes on to show that the biblical conception of honor is more far-reaching. He also shows that honor is a pervasive biblical theme: “The stories of honor contained in the Word of God start from the verses in Genesis and continue to the last words in Revelation.” Along the way, he demonstrates how to honor family members, God’s creation, the poor and outcast, and God himself (through worship.” He then discusses how to create circles … Continue reading I Choose Honor | Book Review