The World Wide (Religious) Web for Monday, April 25, 2011

In response to Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins, Time magazine asks, “What If Hell Doesn’t Exist?” If it doesn’t, Jesus has some explaining to do. Plus, a financial angle on the question…because evangelicals must preach an unpopular doctrine because of the loads of cash it brings in to churches, right? Sheesh! When will Time run an Easter cover story that actually supports a Christian doctrine, rather than question it? FWIW, here’s my review of Bell’s book: “Is Rob Bell a Hell-Believing Universalist?”

Over at the New York Times, Ross Douthat asks, “Is Tony Soprano really in heaven?” He goes on to say, “a doctrine of universal salvation turns out to be as deterministic as the more strident forms of scientific materialism. Instead of making us prisoners of our glands and genes, it makes us prisoners of God himself. We can check out any time we want, but we can never really leave.”

“Franklin Graham on Donald Trump: ‘Maybe the guy’s right’” Uh, Billy, you really need to talk to Frankie about meddling in politics. I mean, Donald Trump…seriously?

Phillip Jenkins comments on “Europe’s Supposed Islamic Crisis,” saying: “Certainly, no one should underestimate the real dangers from subversion and terrorism on European soil, but the demographic issue is quite separate. If we look at the size of Europe’s Muslim population today — and how it is projected to grow over time — then the Eurabian nightmares look ludicrous.”

A First Amendment case that really matters: “To be sure, not every employee of a religious institution is a “ministerial employee,” and religious institutions — like all employers — have many legal obligations to their employees. Although there are difficult questions to be asked, and many fine lines to be drawn, when it comes to interpreting and applying the First Amendment’s religious-freedom guarantees, it cannot be the role of secular government to second-guess the decisions of religious communities and institutions about who should be their ministers, leaders and teachers, any more than they should review their decisions about the content of religious doctrines.”

Tiger Moms vs. Luther Moms: It boils down to law vs. gospel, as everything in Lutheran theology tends to do.

A state funded sex-ed website for teens propagandizes for abortion. Why is this site run by the AIDS Action Committee?

Love cheats? Students who believe in a loving God cheat more. Well, they were going to pass eventually…

Easter Googling. Evidently, a lot of people search for “church,” more so than at Christmas. Interesting!

When French Fundamentalists Attack. Wait, there are fundamentalists in France?

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