Evangelical author sees a “Mormonizing of America’’

Check out this interview with Stephen Mansfield, author of The Mormonizing of America.

Q: You’ve written “The Faith of George W. Bush” and “The Faith of Barack Obama.” Why did you write “The Mormonizing of America” instead of “The Faith of Mitt Romney”?

A: I thought that the story of Bush at the time was bigger than the story of evangelicals and the religious right at that time. I thought the story of Obama personally was bigger then the story of the religious left that he was sort of the champion of. But in this case I think that the story of the Mormon moment or this Mormon ascent is a bigger story than Mitt Romney. There’s something broader going on and he’s not so much the champion of the movement, maybe just at the vanguard of it.

Q: Are you now more or less likely to defend Mormonism when evangelicals call it a cult?

A: My basic approach is to get people to work with Mormons for social good today and to be informed about their history, which in my case leads me not to accept the supernatural side of their history that they claim but still embrace them and have friends among them. That’s what I urge evangelicals to do.

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